Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Movies..2 years back..~

Thinking of doing the same like 2 years back..Watching movies..I was 19 or 20, teen..-hmm- Memories...

1) Charlie and The Chocolate Factory (KLCC, with Elli)
2) Ghost Game (thriller, KLCC with Elli)
3) Like Mum (comedy but 18SX...err..buta 18SG or 18SX, tahu U je..-haish-)
4) Pirates of the Carribean: The Dead Man Chest
5) The Chronicles of Narnia: The Wardrobe
6) Bee Movie (fact and science)
7) Twilight (1st season)
8) Alice in Wonderland (Times Square, with Bami)

What else?? Can't remember..-garu2 kepala-
Tension lagi, g tengok movie..
But this time, alone kut..
-mmm...tak apalah..-

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