Thursday, February 25, 2010's worth! :)

I was sitting at the not so called peaceful place,
but comfortable in a way..yup!

Waiting sometimes can be good for you..Teaches you of being patient..Most people don't realize this..Somehow, just be positive..- I would like to say -

There she's coming..
With that smile..
She may seemed know nothing..
But actually she does know something..
To smile, waving her hand.

I may be a stranger at first,
but soon may turn to be a friend
or an enemy - auzubillah - ..
She did her best..
and I'm attracted to her..
I'm proud of her.

You still have a long way to go, dear..
We'll be meeting there soon..
That is if you still remember..
If you don't, just want you to know that
I always remember you..

~ lil children, they're like white and plain clothes ~

I can feel it..~

The common thing..
At times and places..

On my way back..
I went through it deeply..
With definite hope, in which it can't be replaced by any being..
It reduced..
I said it for 3 times..
Repeatedly, with meaning..
Challenged myself, if I can do that, why I can't do this..
In fact, the 'this' is so simple..
Only require strong belief..
Yup! Strong belief.

I can feel the tense..
I can feel the results..
Yes it comes, and I can feel it..

~ it's okay with loneliness, just need some light ~

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


It's quite thick..I know that it's just only some in it..Not all..1% maybe..Not much..Allah is Great! :) It's impossible to write everything in a piece of paper..We tend to write things that we adore most..or things that we don't want to forget..

I did my best..I've tried..I never say I'm tired, not even a single word..I got the answers..I think it's worth..I can be seen passive in a way, but I'm searching..He always give me the cues..then I choose..As a result, I get the answers..

I've promised to myself a lot..And I don't want to disappoint myself anymore..Because I love myself so much..I don't mind if they don't love me..As long as I know I do.. :)

Abah gave me a new diary..Of course, the yellow one..Still in a good condition..I'm just wondering..How am I going to start the new one? Coz I've already start a new one..

Sorry, I'll surely continue mine..Because this is my choice..And I believe this is not wrong..Let it be simple as it does give great comfort.. :) ~ Alhamdulillah ~

~ My choice ~

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Girls..It is enough when the one from thousands be with them..Imam, yes he is..How concern is he with them..The ice melting to show that they trust you, put a hope on you, and get something about Him from you..

At least, he gains something about girls..Understanding them..Be their reference..And most important, he learns to be a responsible person and be a good imam..

When the only like that..How much syukur been praised onto Him of giving such imam to us..

Why? Because we're humans..Life is always in need..-fitrah-

~ smile ~

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Strength vs Speed..
Sound vs Speed..
Vision vs Speed..

You wish to be blind..
You wish to be deaf..
You wish to be fearless..
You wish to be heartless..
What's and where's the value?
Firm enough?

Versus, everywhere..
We're trapped in intervention..
But beware..or else we might fall into the deep discrimination..

choose one..
It should be both..
"Depends" is the answer..

I may say..
Better be unborn than be untaught
to expand or to shrink?
Make it looked alive..
Make you looked alive..

~ think ~