Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I'm Human..~

1) "This is the Book; in it is guidance sure, without doubt, to those who fear God;..." [Al-Baqarah: 2]

2) Sunan Tirmidhi, Volume 6, Chapter 31, Hadith No. 3786:

Jabir bin Abdullah said: "I saw the Messenger of Allah during his Hajj, on the Day of Arafah (on his last pilgramage). He was upon his camel Al-Qaswa, giving a Khutbah, so he said: O People! Indeed, I have left among you, that which if you hold fast to it, you shall not go astray: The Book of Allah (Quran) and my Family, the People of my House (Ahlul-Bait).


I remembered a person said this:

"People or humans love to take shortcuts. For example, deviant teaching. They taught their believers how to do things in the most easiest way. ((i guess you can imagine any)). But, about life, they don't want 'shortcut', they want 'longcut', meaning that they want to enjoy their life to the fullest ((this is his joke))."

- The point is that "people love to take shortcut; think less, being dependent, jump into conclusion so soon, and opt for easiness rather hardship".

Let say, a problem (no matter small one or big one) occurs in which you have to confront it...

What do we mean by 'shortcut' is that, these are what most people do, whether they realize it or not..

(a) Think less
- You think that the problem is so serious over others; fail to identify your problem.
- You start to tell @ share with others about it.
- On the spot, you ask for others' opinion; what to do, how to solve it, why is it so complicated.
- Usually, you want a definite answer from others; neglecting their opinions.
- You're not satisfied if their feedback may seemed slightly different from yours; you yourself actually don't know what exactly you want to do.
- Blame others for not helping you make decision.

(b) Being dependent onto others
- Once you know people attend to you, you start looking for them whenever you've problem.
- As usual, you tell them your problems, ask their opinion where in fact, you're looking for answers that can satisfy yourself.
- Whenever confusion happens, you'll go for the same persons again, and again, asking them the same thing, over and over again "what should I do?", "what do you think?", "she is bla..bla..bla....he is bla...bla...bla...i really wanted to bla..bla..bla...but, bla...bla...bla..." and so on.
- You want people to give answers for you in everything; "with whom I should be friends with?", "should we be friends or just stop being friends?", "should I forgive him/ her?", "should I go and talk to him/ her?", "should I.....?"...hurm..

(c) Jump into conclusion
- "Who wanna be friends with me..? I'm (like this and this.......) and they're (like this and this......)"
- "They will surely don't like me"
- "Of course he/she will avoid me"
- "Perhaps he/she never care about me"
- "They don't think this is important like I do"
- "Maybe he/she doesn't feel the same way"
- "I don't want to think about it anymore, I think it will end this way, and I hope he/she will understand"
- See? The blame is everywhere..

(d) Opt for easiness
- Instead of identifying the problem, you look for others in advance (to tell them about your problem).
- Instead of thinking, you ask for their feedback.
- Instead of being independent, you rely on their answers.
- Instead of considering others' opinions, feelings and time spent, you're acting selfish.
- Instead of being shameful, you're being shameless.
- Instead of respect others and appreciate them, you just come whenever you need them and leave whenever you don't need them.
- Instead of doing sacrifice, you keep asking the same questions over and over again.
- Instead of learning to cope with your problems, you keep looking for answers in advance.
- Instead of being mature, you're acting and thinking childish.
- Instead of being patient, you keep complaining this and that.


Did you know?
Not many of your friends can stand by your side if you're acting this way. Perhaps the last few will just leave soon, who knows. And not many can say "I'm sorry I can't help you anymore, but I can suggest you to refer/ to go back to the Qur'an and Sunnah, so that you won't get confuse anymore".

And please understand this. When they say this way, they really want to help you (but they have no strength regarding subjective (unseen/ uncertain) matters) and that's the final and the best option left. If the day after, it happened that you ask them "what should I do?" again, that's THE END.

Why? Because we're human like you. They're human. I'm human. We're not God to answer all those things that we don't know.

So, please....Refer to our Islamic teaching; through the Qur'an and Sunnah. It's not us to decide for you, but you yourself decide best. Islam teaches us about istikharah if confusion(s) is/are still with us. Have faith in Him...insyaAllah...May Allah makes everything's easy for us..May we find the best cure in it..-ameen-

~ allahualam ~

p/s: A reminder for myself as well...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Awal Muharram 1432H

"..past is past.."
Did I really mean it?

Hurm..Never mind..
Slowly I can do it..

With friends around..
I don't think the emptiness available anymore..
A lil bit, maybe..just a bit..
Tired of being suffocated..

Today's wishes are more than just words..
Real meaning when they came from besties..
And I hope new days bring happiness..
For me to smile again..
And again.. :)

Thank you, Allah s.w.t...
For such a valuable gift..

p/s: New day for a new revert.. :)

Salam Maal Hijrah/ Awal Muharram 1432H

Kisah T.E.M.B.I.K.A.I (again)

Abah shared a story told by an ustaz from a mosque nearby sempena Maal Hijrah yesterday..

Ada seorang wanita, merupakan seorang isteri, yang juga sedang mengandung anak sulung. Dia terlalu menginginkan (mengidam) buah tembikai. Suatu pagi, dia sempat berpesan pada suaminya supaya beli buah tembikai lepas waktu bekerja. Kerana terlalu mengidam, si isteri tadi mebayangkan suaminya bakal membeli buah tembikai yang kemerah-merahan warnanya, manis rasanya, dan juicy. Tak sabar menunggu kepulangan suami. Kerana permintaan dari isteri, si suami tadi pun beli lah sebiji buah tembikai. Dibawanya pulang. Oleh sebab terlalu letih, ditinggalkan saja buah tembikai itu di dapur dan berehat di ruang tamu.

Si isteri terlalu gembira. Dalam benaknya masih terbayang-bayang buah tembikai yang merah segar, manis, dan berjus. Lalu dibelah buah tembikai itu. Dari riak gembira, serta-merta air mukanya mencuka. Kecewa. Hampa. Dilihat isi tembikai pucat warnanya, tak semerah yang digambarkan. Dirasa, tawar. Kering tak berjus.

Si isteri menerpa ke arah suami yang sedang berehat di ruang tamu. "Abang, kenapa buah tembikai tu tak sedap, tak manis, macam mana abang pilih ni? Kenapa abang tak tengok dulu, tak pilih betul-betul?", si isteri mengeluh dan merungut.

"Awak ni..Kenapalah asyik nak merungut. Awak tahu tak, saya pun mengharapkan saya dah pilih buah yang terbaik. Penjual buah tu pun mengharapkan dia jual buah yang terbaik. Jangan nak kata penjual, orang yang tanam buah tu pun mengharapkan hasil tuaian dia tu terbaik. Kita mana nak tahu kalau-kalau buah tu tak elok. Saya pun tak tahu. Yelah, isinya dalam kulit, kita tak tahu keadaan di dalam kan...", terang si suami.

Moral of the story: Redha...


Menyingkap sejarah di sebalik peristiwa sempena Maal Hijrah/ Awal Muharram, banyak...Semuanya tentang pengorbanan Nabi Muhammad s.a.w dan kebijaksanaan baginda dalam menguruskan usaha dakwah.

Kebanyakan kita berfikiran, Islam dah pun berkembang, dengan jayanya. Tambahan, banyak badan-badan dakwah sedang giat bergerak dalam usaha dakwah. Tapi kita silap sebenarnya, hati dan mentaliti/ persepsi kita yang perlu di'dakwah'.

Selaras dengan itu, Maal Hijrah bawa erti mengingati peristiwa pengorbanan Nabi. Maksud yang lebih mendalam sikit ialah dengan tanamkan azam baru untuk perubahan diri dari yang baik (sedia ada) ke arah yang lebih baik.

Dari kisah tembikai, kita mungkin tak mampu mengubah ketentuan Allah s.w.t. (takdir), tetapi kita mampu berusaha untuk menjadi seorang yang terbaik dan hamba yang selalu mengingati serta mensyukuri nikmat kurniaanNya yang sementara dalam hidup kita. Meskipun hasilnya menghampakan di kemudian hari, redhalah...

p/s: :) Salam Maal Hijrah 1432H..

....our mood was interrupted when abang warung shouting 'air suam tarik tanak gula, satu!'....-dey! haish-