Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Beauty of Da'wah...

Sounds like a fantasy..
When we're just imagine..
Without getting into it..
Let's come with me..
We explore this world... :)

Do you know what is da'wah?
You don't know, I know..(love the way children talk to another)
It is about us..
Having so many things together..
...........why there's no specific word to describe all these '-ing's..?

Do you know what is wasatiah?
You don't know, I know..
It is a 'moderate'..
Da'wah must always be moderate..
Because you will know how to accept something as it is..

Be moderate simply say..

You do good, but not hoping anything in return..
You give honey as it is fresh from a nectar,
although people give you poison..
You say beautiful words as it is a pray,
although people give you harsh and cynical words..
You make something special for others,
even though they don't see it as special..
You share food with the hope that they will feel full first..
Many...You know best..

Do you ever treat somebody? Hanging out?
Let's come with me..
Do you know what is da'wah fardhiyyah?
You don't know, I know..
Someday, let me treat you..It's on me!
Someday, let me give you present..It's on me!
Someday, let me help you..It's on me!
Someday, let me sing for you..It's on me!
Someday, let me cheer up your day..It's on me!
Someday, let me pick you up..It's on me!
Someday, let me take you for a walk..It's on me!
Someday, let me.........It's on me!(again..and again)

Now do you know who a da'ie is?
You don't know, I know..(nodding)
I'm a salesperson..
Promoting a product..
I want to win your heart..
Therefore, I've to be convincing enough building up my strategies
to ensure that you buy my product in the end..
Ooohhh...-though job-

You don't have to rush..
Past days, ulama they don't ask people to do da'wah on the spot..
A guide will guide you..
Can be times, or experiences, or friends..
So that you'd be fully prepared to face the reality..
By keeping these with you..
Wasatiah (moderate)

I'm entering a garden..
Full of flowers..
Like looking at a rainbow..
They're blooming..
To open their wings..
And give others a cheer..
By sharing their beauty... :)

Now you know..(smile)
Let's go home..

~ My world ~

"Say, "The Truth is from your Lord": Let him who will believe, and let him who will, reject (it)...."
(Surah al-Kahf: 29)

"And by the Dawn as it shineth forth,-"
(Surah al-Muddathir: 37)

(Iaitu), bagi siapa yang mahu di antara kamu, hendak maju ke depan atau undur ke belakang.

"Verily this is an Admonition; therefore, who so will, let him take a (straight) path to his Lord!"
(Surah al-Muzzammil: 19)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Deep breath..

Take a deep breath..
At the same time holding a pen
writing on something..

Story of the year..
How it started..
How it ends..
How I enjoyed it..
How I deserve it..


So many..many..many things happened..
Where to put..
How to arrange..
Everything's scattered everywhere..

Never mind..
Just write dots..emm..hmm..-duh-
Simple sentences..
Simple words..
I never knew that it looks so short..
Is this my life?-huh?-

Never mind..(again)
Year is nearly ends..
No matter how much I write..
Soon it will be nothing
in my memory..(forget easily)

End of the year..End of those stories..End of the book..End of the time..

It is an end for me..
I better make a countdown..
Towards my days..

Appreciate as far as I could..
Appreciate as far as I would..
That this is the best for me..

What a happy ending..
for a new beginning.... :)

~ I love my story ~

Friday, December 25, 2009


Allergic with it..
It has a beginning..
But no ending..

Never know the victim,
the age,
the gender,
Even time and space..

Unexpected but be ready..
Once come,
hard to 'heal'..
Once gone,
Other new things (fitnah) come..

Everybody experiences lose..
Friends, Friendship, Trust, Dignity, 'water-face',
and even Love..

The consequences first attack you
No idea of how to encounter it..

Many say ignore..
If you don't do wrong, why bother?
But humans
Will they stop?
Will they seek the truth?
The answer is no..

Even wind
or whatever natural disaster,
Failed to overcome it..

Continues as you move from a platform to another..
Continues as you speak, listen, act..
Continues as you reflect yourself..
Continues as you experience salt and sugar..
Continues as you wake up and sleep..
Continues.....over...over...and over again....

Tests you to be strong..
How strong?
Only you can answer that..

Requires you to be close
to Him..
Requires you to do greater sacrifices..
Requires you to endanger your physical and mental..
Because this is how you learn..
how to develop your hidden skills
in dealing with it..
how to create your own fantasy and strategy
to be shared with others..

How to stay with Him..
Closer..and closer..and closer...
until you're closed enough to Him..

Be patient..
Don't regret its presence..
Just wanted you to know
it will not die
and continue till the end of the world..

Have faith..
This is a test..
Have faith..
That I'm among the chosen ones..
To taste it..
So that I know
my tears today..
Just for my endless happiness tomorrow..

Sweet.. :)

~ insyaAllah ~

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I'm Lucky..and so are you.. :)

Last program with friends at Sungai Congkak (INSPIRE Camp) really taught me a lot..Sacrifice is a common thing..This is about something else..something that you never knew, then you got to know..Haa..(Cane tu?)

It is a SECRET..Only those who seek Him know where to find the secret..

Deep inside us..
We never knew and realize..
The special thing..
Our hearts..
Yes it's beating..
But beyond that, you should know how hard to reach it..
Your SOUL..

Allah says,
I look into your hearts, (Riwayat Muslim)
Being an important person is not good enough,
You have to be a good person, that's important..

Allah says,
You're special, (At-Tiin: 4)
Never complain, huh..
You're fair, you're dark, you're tall, you're short, you're..(anything)..
sometimes you complain and dislike them..
But Allah says,
I created them with purpose,
Attraction is there..

Allah says,
We are created not to be praised,
Rather than we have to praise Him..
To submit to Him.. (Az-Zariyat: 56)
We're no different with jin..
Because we share One God, Allah..

Allah says,
We're in a state of seeking His secure.. (An-Naas: 1-6)

We're encouraged to seek the five things..
Before they come after us..

Sihat sebelum sakit..
Muda sebelum tua..
Kaya sebelum miskin
Lapang sebelum sempit..
Hidup sebelum mati..
(Riwayat al-Hakim dan al-Baihaqi)


When we were born,
Everybody is happy,
But we're the only one who is crying..

When we die soon,
Everybody will cry,
But we're the only one who is happy..

Back to our home sweet home.. :)
Al-Jannah, the eternal place..

- Guard yourself with iman and taqwa -

~ Allahuhafiz ~

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Seek apology and Give forgiveness...

وَلاَ يَأْتَلِ أُوْلُواْ ٱلْفَضْلِ مِنكُمْ وَٱلسَّعَةِ أَن يُؤْتُوۤاْ أُوْلِي ٱلْقُرْبَىٰ وَٱلْمَسَاكِينَ وَٱلْمُهَاجِرِينَ فِي سَبِيلِ ٱللَّهِ

وَلْيَعْفُواْ وَلْيَصْفَحُوۤاْ أَلاَ تُحِبُّونَ أَن يَغْفِرَ ٱللَّهُ لَكُمْ وَٱللَّهُ غَفُورٌ رَّحِيمٌ

"...wal ya’fu wal yasfahū, alā tuhibbūna aiyaghfirallahu lakum, wallahu ghafūrurrahīm."

(Surah An-Nur: 22)

"..let them forgive and overlook, do you not wish that God should forgive you? For God is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful."

Hendaklah mereka memaafkan dan merelakan. Tidakkah kamu suka; bahawa Allah mengampuni dosamu? Allah Pengampun lagi Maha Pengasih.

Why do we always keep 'fire' in our heart? Is the flame reached to the 'highest' level of anger? Sometimes yes, sometimes not..But still it is considered as anger..Hard to cool the 'hot' especially when it comes to something which is/are unseen, "complicated" would be the result I would like to say..

When a person is angry, only 'the other side' of his/her opponents emerged out of nowhere, and is seen..One by one to be pronounced..Nothing left in the bank..(huu..) Why? To satisfy his/her fulfill the anger..

Some people tend to seek other people and make things becoming 'widely known'..Wow! This is dangerous! Absolutely! As we have already acknowledged that one nature of man is possessing high curiosity..And we tend to perceive something negative first rather than positive..Then, only 1:9 will think rationally by being husnuzon and alert with fitnah, rumors, and teases..

I asked myself..Why is it so hard to forgive? The Prophet s.a.w himself ever turned his face away from three people during his time due to their negligence in joining a war..although they have seek his apology seriously, repeatedly..But then a revelation came asking the Prophet s.a.w to forgive show that Allah has accepted their regret..Therefore, there would be no reason for the Prophet s.a.w to turn his face away from them anymore because Allah has accepted their taubat..

Hablumminallah wa hablumminannaas...

To have a good relationship with Allah first is the priority..Man comes next..Is it really that means? Actually, here the concept of equilibrium is applied..However, in my opinion, Allah should be the first to be given priority..Why? He Knows everything..Even though we have problems with others and we have seek their forgiveness, but still they don't want to forgive us...TURN TO HIM..! For He is always The Best (place) to come back..Why? Because He is God..He is The One who had created all hearts..and He is The One who has POWER to give hidayah to whom He wishes to..

Again? Why is it so hard for us to forgive others? Please..Think by using your 'aql, not by following your desire..Think..It does not require much time..Only a few second, after your friends, your siblings, your relatives, your spouses (maybe) say SORRY, just accept that..

Please..Reflect ourselves..
Who are you not to forgive people?
Who are you not to seek others' apology?
Who are you to keep all flame in your heart?
Who are you not accepting others' excuse?
Who are you?

Keep asking..
Are you perfect enough to say that others have made so many mistakes to you until it is so hard for you to forgive them?
What about you?
Did you treat people nicely before?
Did you ever say SORRY for misbehave towards others?
Yes? No? (Don't know? -definitely unacceptable-)
Believe me! People treat you as how you treat them in the first place..My principle is easy.."What you give, you get back"..Yup!

Think again..If you think others are not perfect..always make you sick, boring, get irritated inside, make you feel so sad, hurt so bad..and you complained about them..

Think again..Where do they come from? Who creates them? Who knows best about them? All this while, you complained too much..Everything looked so bad, not perfect, and many..Do you ever realized that they are all come from One Sustainer who is Allah?

Many things I've heard..People got irritated with ants and say "Tak guna punya semut", "Celaka"..Most heard, many said about their brothers and sisters "Hampeh betul mamat/minah tu", "Bingung", "Bodoh"..backbiting happens everywhere..Broken friendship..everything...BROKEN into pieces..until nothing is left other than HATE..Are you going to let your heart being possessed by syaitan? Stop looking at the black small dot on a white plain paper..Look at the white!

Being narrow-minded, complaint too much, hate..Do you know that you are getting far away from learn how to appreciate? Just make it simple..Simplify your life..So that you can live your life to the fullest as successful Muslims..

Past is past..Take those 'sour' experiences as a lesson..It is okay to have a sense of hesitation towards anybody you know but try your best to limit the hesitations..Avoid over-generalization..

Because one and each person is special and unique including yourself..You may be not know it, but others perceive you as special..Therefore, try to think at the best level as Allah has grant us an 'aql to manage our life, control our emotion, shape our strong personality, as well as to develop emotional intelligence..

Remember these..
Be open-minded..
What you give, you get back..
Never complain..
Never feel hatred and hate..
Appreciate any moment that had happened throughout your life..
So that you know how to deal with yourself in the future..
Be husnuzon..
Never disclose any weakness of your opponent..

And many..You know yourself best..

Just perceive that there must be hikmah behind all those things..Just accept it..And live like usual..

The ayah from Surah An-Nur: 22 was emphasized in the beginning is aimed to guide encourage forgiving and seek apology improve our ethics..Why?

The result; benefits for all parties..When you seek apology and give forgiveness, the sweetness comes to you first..How sweet it is, only you can feel it..

Benefits to other parties; strengthen the brotherhood, trust developed, no hatred feelings, no broken chain, happiness, confidence, increase self-esteem, (and many) as well as reward from Him..- yaqeen -

Islam is a just and beautiful religion, isn't it? :)

Let us take this opportunity to learn how to appreciate..
Believe me..there will be no such things known as wastage..
Because we have had so many times and spaces to make us who we are today..
Welcome to the reality.. :)

~ Allahualam ~

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sebagai W A N I T A , aku patut tahu..

Dari Forum Ukhwah « Yang Tersirat dr Yang Tersurat

Wahai engkau seorang wanita,

Antara bertudung dengan tidak bertudung, yang manakah menjadi pilihan hati? Jika kalian memilih bertudung, berbahagialah kerana kalian masih terpimpin di jalan syariat Allah. Malang jika kalian memilih tidak bertudung, kerana orang yang janggal untuk menunaikan syariat Allah sebenarnya masih belum pasti petunjuk untuknya.

Apabila sudah bertudung, kini ada pula yang menyoal, tidak cukupkah memakai kain yang menutup kepala? Mengapa perlu dilabuhkan sehingga menutupi bahagian dada? Bukankah cara pemakaian seperti itu kelihatan seakan-akan kuno dan ketinggalan zaman? Nah! Apabila diajukan dengan soalan-soalan sedemikian, ana teringat kepada pengajaran seorang ilmuwan yang menyentuh bab aurat wanita dan difokuskan kepada menutup kepala (bertudung).

Ilmuwan itu berkata: Sesungguhnya tudung wanita itu ada tiga. Pertama, tudung Yahudi, kedua, tudung Nasara (nasrani) dan ketiga tudung muslimat.

Wahai guruku, jelaskanlah kepadaku kerana aku tidak pernah mendengar hal yang sedemikian, soal salah seorang mustami di hadapannya.

Pertama, tudung Yahudi. Wanita Yahudi memakai tudung juga, tetapi lebihan kain di depan semuanya dilempar ke belakang. Kedua, tudung Nasara. Wanita Nasara pun lebih dahulu memakai tudung juga, tetapi tudungnya terlalu singkat, sehinggakan bonggol unta masih kelihatan. Dan yang terakhir tudung muslimat, wanita muslimat memakai tudung berpandukan firman Allah dalam surah an-Nur ayat 31. Kemudian ilmuwan itu membaca sebahagian ayat itu.

Katakanlah kepada wanita yang beriman: Hendaklah mereka menahan pandangannya, dan memelihara kemaluannya, dan janganlah mereka menampakkan perhiasannya, kecuali yang (biasa) nampak daripadanya. DAN HENDAKLAH MEREKA MENUTUPI KAIN TUDUNG SEHINGGA KE DADANYA, dan janganlah menampakkan perhiasannya...... ila akhirul ayah.....


Maha Suci Allah yang telah menurunkan al-Quran sebagai petunjuk dan penyuluh kehidupan hamba-hamba-Nya. Inilah dalil naqli yang utama yang menerangkan dengan sejelas-jelasnya stail, gaya, dan fesyen tudung yang perlu dipakai oleh muslimat.

Dengan prinsip wasotiah, tidaklah Islam itu memaksa para wanita dengan satu cara pemakaian tudung yang tertentu. Wanita sebenarnya bebas memilih tudung yang sesuai dengan dirinya. Tetapi wanita muslimat wajib memastikan bahawa tudung yang dipakainya memenuhi tuntutan syariat dan tidak sesekali menyamai gaya tudung wanita Yahudi mahupun wanita Nasrani. Demikian sabda Nabi s.a.w. yang mafhumnya, janganlah kita menyamai kaum Yahudi dan kaum Nasrani. Sehinggakan Rasulullah s.a.w. ada menganjurkan para sahabatnya agar membela janggut dan memotong misai kerana menyalahi gaya orang Yahudi dan Nasrani yang membela misai dan memotong janggut.

Wahai saudara-saudaraku muslimat yang mulia,

Ada juga kedengaran suara-suara sinis yang mengata dan mencemuh orang-orang yang memakai hijab. Cemuhan itu datang akibat daripada tindakan segelintir wanita bertudung yang tidak menjaga akhlak dan perilaku mereka. Tidaklah sukar untuk mengakui bahawa memang ada segelintir kecil wanita muslimat yang memakai tudung tetapi tidak sempurna penutupan dan pemeliharaan aurat mereka.

Wanita harus mengerti bahawa, aurat yang perlu ditutup dan dipelihara bukan sekadar rambut yang menjadi mahkota wanita itu tetapi juga biarlah akhlak dan tingkah mereka juga dipelihara selaras dengan akhlaqul Islam.


Kalau ada wanita bertudung yang tidak bermoral, jangan gusar. Janganlah sesekali ada rasa aneh di hatimu. Yakinlah bahawa ada kebaikan itu kerana adanya keburukan. Sesungguhnya dinamakan suci itu kerana adanya najis. Demikian adanya pahala itu kerana wujud juga dosa. Sunnatullah sudah menentukan begitu adanya keadaan ciptaan-Nya.

Kemudian, akan kedengaran pula suara-suara sinis yang berkata, Ala..., pakai saja tudung.... tapi perangai.... eee... teruk...! Kemudian menyambung yang lain dengan hujah, Pakai tudung pun perangai macam tu lebih baik tak payah pakai tudung.... Masya Allah..., sungguh yang berkata begitu pula memang yang tidak bertudung.

Lalu saudara-saudaraku wanita yang budiman; perlukah kita menerima sindiran dan hujah orang-orang yang tidak menjalankan syariat Allah itu? Apakah perlu kita melayan kata-kata orang yang tidak mencintai syariat Allah itu? Mengapa perlu tergugat pendirian kita kerana kata-kata orang yang jauh daripada petunjuk itu?

Sungguh janganlah kalian terpedaya dan terpesona dengan hujah mereka yang dangkal itu. Yang menganggap apa gunanya bertudung jika perangai tetap buruk. Tetapi hendaklah kalian berbangga kerana kalian menjalankan perintah Allah. Mengapa harus berasa malu dalam menjalankan syariat Allah?


Orang yang mendedahkan aurat mereka tidak sedikit pun berasa malu menentang hukum Allah. Lalu mengapa kita yang sedang menjalankan syariat Allah ini perlu berasa malu? Orang yang ke hulu ke hilir dengan aurat terbuka tidak merasa apa-apa. Mengapa kita yang sentiasa berusaha memelihara diri ini merasa janggal dan terasing di bumi Allah?

Berbahagialah dan tenteramkan hatimu wahai wanita-wanita yang beriman. Tidak ada yang perlu digusarkan dengan hujah, sindiran mahupun celaan wanita-wanita tidak bertudung sempurna kepada wanita yang bertudung sempurna.

Seandainya di kalangan wanita yang bertudung itu pun ada yang tidak menjaga kehormatan diri, sedarlah jua bahawa di kalangan wanita yang mendedahkan aurat lebih banyak lagi yang tidak menjaga kehormatan diri. Malahan, jika hendak disebut secara mudah, pendedahan aurat itu juga satu cara mencela kehormatan diri sendiri.

Rasul s.a.w. berpesan dalam khutbahnya yang terakhir, ittaqun-nisa yang bermaksud; lindungilah wanita.

Tetapi hari ini, kita boleh lihat ramai di kalangan wanita sendiri menyediakan diri mereka untuk dieksploitasikan oleh pihak-pihak yang jahil dan tersesat. Iklan-iklan di media massa contohnya, terang-terangan menjadikan wanita sebagai bahan pertunjukan untuk melariskan jualan produk-produk golongan kapitalis tersebut. Lalu, di manakah maruah wanita itu sebenarnya diletakkan? Adakah kerana ramai yang menganggap pendedahan aurat itu satu keperluan di zaman moden ini, maka kalangan wanita yang bertudung perlu merasa kecil diri dan rendah hati? Tidak!

Wahai wanita muslimat yang bertudung,

Dunia sentiasa molek di mata yang jahil. Tetapi kalian wanita yang beriman tidak perlu terpesona dengan kemolekan dunia. Sudah barang tentu kemolekan dunia terkandung bersamanya tipu daya yang menghancurkan akhirat kalian.

Orang yang paling bodoh bukanlah orang yang jahil, tetapi orang yang paling bodoh adalah orang yang mencintai dunia dan melupakan akhirat. Sedangkan dunia itu fana dan akhirat itu kekal abadi.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Sepinggan Dosa Berulam ‘Pahala’

Sesungguhnya saya gusar malam ini. Saya telah menerima email dari seorang muslimah dan saya menggunakan istilah muslimah untuk mengistilahkan dirinya di alam realiti.

Namun masalah yang muslimah ini hadapi menjadikan saya sugul.

Percaya atau tidak, kes sepertinya sudah amat banyak yang sampai kepada email saya secara anonimus. Supaya warga kampus bangun mencelikkan mata, saya perturunkan salinan email jawapan saya kepada muslimah tersebut (secara anonimus), untuk muhasabah pembaca sekalian.

Kepada Allah juga saya mohon petunjuk dan perlindungan…

Assalamualaikum WBT.

Terdiam ustaz membaca email ukhti.

Kerana ini adalah email yang entah ke berapa menceritakan kes yang sama.

Percaya atau tidak, kes seperti ini semakin menular di kalangan generasi ukhti, sekurang-kurangnya pada apa yang sampai ke pengetahuan ustaz. Ustaz perlukan banyak masa untuk merenung dan berfikir, di manakah silapnya.

Antara kes sebelum ini, seorang muslimah berjubah dan bertudung labuh sangat mengasihi teman lelakinya. Jam 4 pagi, beliau menghantar sms mengingatkan teman lelakinya agar bangun bertahajjud… tetapi kemudian rahsianya terbongkar bahawa muslimah itu sebenarnya adalah ISTERI ORANG.

Semakin ramai siswa dan siswi cuba menjustifikasikan bahawa cinta mereka adalah suci kerana mereka ber’sms’ hal-hal iman dan amal, sedangkan yang terangsang bukanlah keinginan untuk beribadah, tetapi gelodak nafsu yang licik menipu.

Ustaz tak tahu nak start dari mana. Tetapi subjek utama dalam masalah ini adalah diri ukhti sendiri. Bukan soal teman lelaki ukhti, bukan soal apa yang Allah qadha dan qadarkan ke atas ukhti, bukan bakal anak yang nanti terkesan oleh dosa yang sedang dilakukan hari ini. Semuanya adalah persoalan diri ukhti sendiri. Sama ada ukhti mahu mengubah keadaan ini atau tidak. Itu sahaja.

Jika ukhti benar-benar mahu bertaubat, taubat dari belenggu dosa seperti ini harus disertakan dengan hijrah. Jika setiap kali bertemu dengan si dia mengingatkan ukhti kepada dosa yang ‘manis’ itu, maka ukhti mesti jujur dalam menilai. Apatah lagi ia bukan hanya soal perasaan. Ia adalah perasaan yang sudah direalisasikan oleh zina kecil sebelum Zina besar sebagaimana yang ukhti jelaskan. Maka ia bukan lagi soal mainan perasaan. Kalian berdua saling menjadi punca maksiat kepada satu sama lain.

Jika hubungan ini diteruskan, ukhti dan teman itu akan memikul kesannya di kemudian hari.

Rumahtangga yang dibina selepas banyak kemaksiatan dan keterlanjuran, akan dihukum oleh Allah dengan perasaan syak wasangka yang bakal menyelubungi perkahwinan itu. Masing-masing telah berjaya membuktikan bahawa Allah ‘telah kalah’ dalam perhubungan antum.

Maka, di masa depan nanti, suami akan sentiasa berfikir, jika ukhti berani melawan Allah bersamanya, apa lagi yang mampu menyekat ukhti dari melakukan perkara yang sama dengan lelaki lain. Ukhti juga akan berfikir, jika dia pernah berani beberapa kali membelakangkan Allah dalam perhubungan ini bersama ukhti, apa yang boleh menghalangnya dari melakukan perkara yang sama dengan perempuan lain.

Inilah yang ustaz temui di sepanjang pengalaman hidup, bertemu dengan pasangan yang pernah berdosa sebelum berumahtangga. Amat berat hukuman Allah apabila sebuah rumahtangga dibina tanpa kepercayaan di antara satu sama lain. Ia adalah hukuman dunia sebelum hukuman Akhirat.

Jika ukhti dan si dia masih bertarung dengan perasaan, maka ustaz boleh menasihati agar kalian saling berusaha untuk menjaga diri dan mempercepatkan perkahwinan. Tetapi ukhti dan si dia sudah saling bersentuhan, maka sama ada segeralah berkahwin, jika berani berdepan dengan risiko itu (mudah-mudahan terhindar dengan taubat bersama yang benar-benar tulen) atau saling berhijrahlah antum dengan meninggalkan satu sama lain, sejauh mungkin. Mulakan hidup baru dan mohonlah petunjuk dari-Nya.

Ustaz bersimpati dengan gelora yang ukhti hadapi tetapi ustaz enggan menghulurkan simpati itu andai ia menyebabkan ukhti mendapat ketenangan kerana tidak ada sumber penyelesaian kepada konflik ini kecuali taubat dan hijrah.

Lelaki dan perempuan yang baik bukanlah yang memakai kosmetik Islam pada sms berbau Islam atau pakaian berwarna Islam, tetapi pada kekuatan menghalang diri dari saling mengotorkan pasangan dengan maksiat. Betulkan kembali penilaian ukhti terhadap si dia yang ukhti katakan ‘baik’.

Sesungguhnya cabaran selepas berkahwin adalah jauh lebih berat berbanding dengan sekadar cabaran mengelak dari zina sebelum kahwin. Jika ini pun gagal, muhasabahlah diri segera sebelum melangkah ke usia dewasa yang lebih mencabar itu.

Ustaz doakan ukhti beroleh kekuatan dan petunjuk dari Allah untuk menyusun kembali kehidupan. Maaf andai bahasanya pahit, tetapi dalam pahit itu selalu ada penawarnya.
Tiada siapa yang mampu membantu ukhti kecuali ukhti sendiri sebagai tuan empunya badan dan kehidupan.

Salam dan doa dari ustaz.


Membaca bukan sekadar suka-suka. Aku tertarik dengan kata-kata dalam balasan email ustaz ni. Tarikan antara lelaki dan wanita itu sendiri sudah menjadi satu bukti maksiat. Senang sangat nak dapat dosa, tapi susah nak cari pahala...Kadang-kadang kebaikan yang semudah dan seringkas berwudhu' itu yang mana dengan berwudhu' sahaja, kita dah dapat pahala, itu pun sangat susah orang nak buat..hmm..

~ Allahualam ~

Friday, December 11, 2009

I love you..

People said I'm ego..I don't understand why..But I'm just thinking that they've their own mouth to say whatever they want and whatever they wish to say..Why should I bother? If I don't do wrong, why should I yell at them? But still, rubbish things disturbed me a lot..To clarify is easy, but who's going to believe and listen? Rumors, slanders, teases and perceptions would heal for a moment and will come back soon..

If only people out there could really listen to my heart....

A past that really taught me a lot..Being careful in searching for friends, especially boys..And to make a decision upon the special @ the only one..It changed me a lot..When I say I love means that I do love you..I know my rules might kill others feeling..But this is how I love you..

I love you when I prefer not to meet you...

I love you when I prefer not to contact you always...(like others do; sms, facebook-ing, myspace-ing, friendster-ing, chatting)

I love you when I prefer angry at you...

I love you when I prefer not to be jealous towards your girl/ boy friends...

I love you when I prefer to stay far away from you...

I love you when I prefer be the one to hear...

I love you when I prefer be the one to appreciate...

I love you when I prefer to be friends...(until you're fully prepared)

I love you when I prefer to test you...

I love you when I prefer to say you're the worst...

I love you when I prefer reminding you (Take care..Smile always..Be strong..)

I love you when I prefer simple things from you...(your story about your interests; your nagging)

I love you when I prefer not to get anything from you...

I love you when I prefer not to get attention from you...

I love you when I prefer to pray All the Best for you...

I love you when I prefer to let you do whatever you want...(to live your life to the fullest as Muslim)


I love you when I prefer to let you go...

Because I trust you..
I know you..
You're strong..
I believe you're not alone..

I may lose you..
But He makes me feel so grateful..
Because of a chance of knowing you..
Until I taste the sweetness..
Until I realize my mission in this world..
Until I know myself better..
Until I know You...
Who had design best for me..
Thank you, Allah...

I may lose you..
I know nobody is like you..
If I take one step forward..
I can say, past is past..,
according to time..
I know my heart never lie to me..

So I decide, to stay..
Not hoping...,
rather than..
Appreciating those beautiful moments..

~ Alhamdulillah ~

Didn't I remember...?

Will you accept Me as your Lord?

I don't remember..
The first time I answer YES..
I don't remember..
The first time I made a promise..
With You, Ya Allah..

I got two eyes to see..
Two ears to hear..
Nose to smell..
Mouth, tongue to taste..
Two arms to sense..
All parts to just one thing.., SUJUD...

Signs for me to think..

Days past by..
Nights without You would be so cold..
Am I trying to keep my promise?
Or You called me to do so?
Something from inside rebels..
And I've to admit that..

Innasolati wanusuki wa mahyaya wa mamati lillahi rabbil 'alamin...
Laa sharikalahu wa bizalika umirtu wa ana minal muslimin...

"Sesungguhnya solatku, ibadatku, hidupku, dan matiku kerana ALLAH Tuhan semesta alam. Tiada sekutu baginya. Dan dengan demikianlah aku diperintahkan dan aku adalah dari golongan orang-orang yang pasrah (orang-orang Islam)."

This is a promise..
Of devotion..
Five times a day...(in prayer)
Me as slave, You as God..
All this while I forgot..
That I'm just a person..
Very weak like a dust..

Only a diamond may shine..
Only a pearl may glow..
I can say, only those who seek Him win His eye...

Who am I?
Didn't I remember?
I said YES when I was in my mum's tummy..
The first promise should be kept,
..till my last breath...

~ Forgive me ~

Thursday, December 10, 2009


What's worth of doing a sacrifice?

I kept asking myself about my willingness upon doing something..Sincere is the most crucial thing..not to be think rather than to be endorsed from beneath..I kept asking myself, why am I usually tend to remember good things I've done to others AND why didn't they do the same to me? Then I asked myself again..and again..and I sincere enough to be a sacrific"er"?

Every step in Everyday life..Every single word that comes from heart through lips..Every moment in my Every drop of tears..I always feel that I've never achieved that level of ikhlas..It's easy to say..But deep inside, honestly I never wanted to 'lose' over something..Because I know, if I lost something, loneliness and emptiness dictate my heart..Iblis will always try to enter me..

Every day I enjoy joy a lot just for my friends..Every night I cried a lot just for myself..I'm looking for myself..It's just like I need a tight hug to keep me warm until I sleep..My heart needs You..

I kept thinking about what sacrifice that I could really sacrifice to gain His love..and giving a space in my heart to accept 'a blanket' to purify and cover it safely..

One thing..
that I want most..
that I love most..
that I crave most..
that I care most..
that I appreciate most..
that I adore most..
that I dream most..
that I hope most..

A love towards a guy...

Yes, he means a lot..But what's worth of loving him more than I love Allah? Where in the end, I'm not sure whether he can provide me with all love that I've given him..That's very bad of me..I can't really accept myself of doing this to Him..Even I will never forgive myself for doing so..

Therefore, Ya Allah....

I give my love to You..This is the most sincerest sacrifice I could promise You...I believe in You..What's worth of confessing "ashhadualla ila haillallah..Wa ashhaduanna muhammadurrasulullah" without giving a piece of my heart to You?

Ya Allah..
This is just a little and a single sacrifice that might lead to the greatest change in my life..-ameen-

~ Allahualam ~

Where is your strength?

I remembered a friend of mine (a best buddy during 2ndary school)..shared something with me..

"M*** terasa hati la..Kenapa B*** xnak balas msg M***..selalu x mcm ni..Sibuk2 pn pasti akn msg M***..Skrg x dah..M*** bukan apa..risau.." (and so on).

"M*** tau spnjg hbgn kami, B*** yg byk bg kata2 smngat kat M***..M*** kuat pn sbb B***.." (and so on).

At first, I thought it is normal for a girl to have that kinda emotion @ feeling towards her guy..Fitrah of loving pigeons..But somehow I've to oppose strictly about "kata2 semangat" matter..The question soon cut her mood was that, "You said he is the one who makes you stronger from time to time..How if someday he died and you'll get not those spiritual words @ motivation anymore, will you still be strong? Where is your strength?

To be honest, I'm not as good as hafiz or hafizah..But I do try my best to understand Islam better..


You were born as who you're now..What was the promise? Will you accept Me as your Lord? Remember?

Should the strength acquired from Him..How could you say it comes from a human? Shame on you, to break the promise..I don't say it's sinful..To be clear, it's just immoral..Your heart confessed on something which is not supposed to be....(any word best describes this?-think by yourself)..


Please open your eyes..Show to the world that you're so special..Prove that..

Strength to be asked from Him..Others may be just a "side-income" one..But His is the eternal one..

Simple words to be practiced throughout your life..yaqeen..istiqomah..taqwa..Therefore, listen to this..

"Bismillahillazi la yadhurru ma'asmihi shai'un fil ardhi wa la fissama'ie wa huassami'un 'alim"

Nothing either from the sky or earth can give mudharat to you as long as you hold on tight His attributes and Names..


Again..Where is your strength? Is it coming from others or from Him? This is not an option rather than you've to reflect yourself as a human..If you choose 'human', what if someday s/he dies? Will you be as strong as you're now?

~ The promise is in His hand..~ ETERNAL ~

Friday, November 20, 2009

A side of moment....



Only in a moment..It comes and leaves..Why? I don't know..But, I'm glad that at least I was given a moment to know sum1 special to me personally...

Kalau Allah dah nak bagi, terima..He's the BEST ever happened in my life..Aku tak penah sangka akan jumpa dia..berpeluang kenal dia..What he did? 1 je..Ajar aku lebih menghargai..Setiap apa yang berlaku, ada hikmahnya..dalam kan maksudnya.. :) Selebihnya, rahsia..Biarlah Dia yang atur..

Nak tulis lagi, macam banyak sangat..Tak apalah..Ini baru permulaan..

Satu kehadiran yang bikin satu semangat!! Tenkiu so much..

Nadhu, perjalanan kamu masih jauh..-isikan masa luangmu, renungkan masa depanmu, rancangkan hidupmu sebaik mungkin kerana kamu tak mungkin berpeluang melihat yang lepas lagi..-

~ Allahualam ~

Sunday, March 1, 2009



Betapa diri ini mensyukuri kehadiran setiap insan dalam hidup. Tawaku, tangisku, gurauku, selalu bersama kamu semua. Tak pernah rasa sekelumit jemu pun. Kita berjuang bersama, bekerja bersama, jatuh bangun pun bersama. Percaya atau tidak, itulah yang buat diri aku semakin kuat. Ingin aku bertanya, sudah berapa lama kita dalam 'medan' ini? Bagiku, sudah banyak masa berlalu bersama kenangan-kenangan baru dicipta. Gembira tak terkata...

- lost in happiness given by Him - :)

~ older post on March, 2009 ~