Thursday, December 10, 2009

Where is your strength?

I remembered a friend of mine (a best buddy during 2ndary school)..shared something with me..

"M*** terasa hati la..Kenapa B*** xnak balas msg M***..selalu x mcm ni..Sibuk2 pn pasti akn msg M***..Skrg x dah..M*** bukan apa..risau.." (and so on).

"M*** tau spnjg hbgn kami, B*** yg byk bg kata2 smngat kat M***..M*** kuat pn sbb B***.." (and so on).

At first, I thought it is normal for a girl to have that kinda emotion @ feeling towards her guy..Fitrah of loving pigeons..But somehow I've to oppose strictly about "kata2 semangat" matter..The question soon cut her mood was that, "You said he is the one who makes you stronger from time to time..How if someday he died and you'll get not those spiritual words @ motivation anymore, will you still be strong? Where is your strength?

To be honest, I'm not as good as hafiz or hafizah..But I do try my best to understand Islam better..


You were born as who you're now..What was the promise? Will you accept Me as your Lord? Remember?

Should the strength acquired from Him..How could you say it comes from a human? Shame on you, to break the promise..I don't say it's sinful..To be clear, it's just immoral..Your heart confessed on something which is not supposed to be....(any word best describes this?-think by yourself)..


Please open your eyes..Show to the world that you're so special..Prove that..

Strength to be asked from Him..Others may be just a "side-income" one..But His is the eternal one..

Simple words to be practiced throughout your life..yaqeen..istiqomah..taqwa..Therefore, listen to this..

"Bismillahillazi la yadhurru ma'asmihi shai'un fil ardhi wa la fissama'ie wa huassami'un 'alim"

Nothing either from the sky or earth can give mudharat to you as long as you hold on tight His attributes and Names..


Again..Where is your strength? Is it coming from others or from Him? This is not an option rather than you've to reflect yourself as a human..If you choose 'human', what if someday s/he dies? Will you be as strong as you're now?

~ The promise is in His hand..~ ETERNAL ~

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