Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I'm Lucky..and so are you.. :)

Last program with friends at Sungai Congkak (INSPIRE Camp) really taught me a lot..Sacrifice is a common thing..This is about something else..something that you never knew, then you got to know..Haa..(Cane tu?)

It is a SECRET..Only those who seek Him know where to find the secret..

Deep inside us..
We never knew and realize..
The special thing..
Our hearts..
Yes it's beating..
But beyond that, you should know how hard to reach it..
Your SOUL..

Allah says,
I look into your hearts, (Riwayat Muslim)
Being an important person is not good enough,
You have to be a good person, that's important..

Allah says,
You're special, (At-Tiin: 4)
Never complain, huh..
You're fair, you're dark, you're tall, you're short, you're..(anything)..
sometimes you complain and dislike them..
But Allah says,
I created them with purpose,
Attraction is there..

Allah says,
We are created not to be praised,
Rather than we have to praise Him..
To submit to Him.. (Az-Zariyat: 56)
We're no different with jin..
Because we share One God, Allah..

Allah says,
We're in a state of seeking His secure.. (An-Naas: 1-6)

We're encouraged to seek the five things..
Before they come after us..

Sihat sebelum sakit..
Muda sebelum tua..
Kaya sebelum miskin
Lapang sebelum sempit..
Hidup sebelum mati..
(Riwayat al-Hakim dan al-Baihaqi)


When we were born,
Everybody is happy,
But we're the only one who is crying..

When we die soon,
Everybody will cry,
But we're the only one who is happy..

Back to our home sweet home.. :)
Al-Jannah, the eternal place..

- Guard yourself with iman and taqwa -

~ Allahuhafiz ~

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