Monday, December 28, 2009

Deep breath..

Take a deep breath..
At the same time holding a pen
writing on something..

Story of the year..
How it started..
How it ends..
How I enjoyed it..
How I deserve it..


So many..many..many things happened..
Where to put..
How to arrange..
Everything's scattered everywhere..

Never mind..
Just write dots..emm..hmm..-duh-
Simple sentences..
Simple words..
I never knew that it looks so short..
Is this my life?-huh?-

Never mind..(again)
Year is nearly ends..
No matter how much I write..
Soon it will be nothing
in my memory..(forget easily)

End of the year..End of those stories..End of the book..End of the time..

It is an end for me..
I better make a countdown..
Towards my days..

Appreciate as far as I could..
Appreciate as far as I would..
That this is the best for me..

What a happy ending..
for a new beginning.... :)

~ I love my story ~

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