Friday, December 11, 2009

Didn't I remember...?

Will you accept Me as your Lord?

I don't remember..
The first time I answer YES..
I don't remember..
The first time I made a promise..
With You, Ya Allah..

I got two eyes to see..
Two ears to hear..
Nose to smell..
Mouth, tongue to taste..
Two arms to sense..
All parts to just one thing.., SUJUD...

Signs for me to think..

Days past by..
Nights without You would be so cold..
Am I trying to keep my promise?
Or You called me to do so?
Something from inside rebels..
And I've to admit that..

Innasolati wanusuki wa mahyaya wa mamati lillahi rabbil 'alamin...
Laa sharikalahu wa bizalika umirtu wa ana minal muslimin...

"Sesungguhnya solatku, ibadatku, hidupku, dan matiku kerana ALLAH Tuhan semesta alam. Tiada sekutu baginya. Dan dengan demikianlah aku diperintahkan dan aku adalah dari golongan orang-orang yang pasrah (orang-orang Islam)."

This is a promise..
Of devotion..
Five times a day...(in prayer)
Me as slave, You as God..
All this while I forgot..
That I'm just a person..
Very weak like a dust..

Only a diamond may shine..
Only a pearl may glow..
I can say, only those who seek Him win His eye...

Who am I?
Didn't I remember?
I said YES when I was in my mum's tummy..
The first promise should be kept,
..till my last breath...

~ Forgive me ~

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