Monday, April 19, 2010

Missing my beach..~

That I still had and got a chance to go there..
At first..
I said, "Hey old pal...We meet again.." and smile..

The sea..
The bay..
The wind..
The panorama..
hmm..and many..
All beaches share the same thing..
What makes 'em special is my thought..
My expression..

That's better..
Upon hearing the sound of that salty-taste water,
I think that could be much more than a song..
Upon seeing the big picture of it,
I think that might be enough for unsolved questions..
Both led to a happy ending of pondering..

I'm not tired..
But that's all for now..
I don't wanna share much..
We still have many other days, or perhaps months and years..
to meet each other again..
Let me keep some..
I can't promise you that I'll be back..
Since I got little cuties here..
I need 'em also..

To touch you is impossible..
Me, I like to hold something wholely..
That I can feel you..
But 'em..
They're cute..
That I can touch 'em at anytime I wish to..
The furry fur, with pleasant smell, each carries different character,
that make me feel better..
Plus, I can hold 'em tight, very tight, quite often.. :)

You're far away..
Why aren't you belonged here?
Never mind..
We'll meet again some other day..
And we'll make it better..

~ you're my treasure ~

Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy for you..~

What is "HAPPINESS"?

:) Let's find out..
Some that I got graphically..

How? :)

So, where can it be found? :)

The real thing is that,
In the pursuit of happiness...-ehem-

You chose best..
Faith, Hope, Patience, and Acceptance..
and...never underestimate the power of a smile!
(Huda Khattab)
for yourself..
Again she said that "...the key to happiness is prostration...",
by starting your day with Fajr prayer..
She ends hers with a phrase:
"Futile arguments and trivial discussions take away the sense of peace and tranquility."
Perhaps that's why He is the Best as a Companion..

And now,
that's what I wanna see.. :)
Your happiness!!!-yeay-

~ Outstanding progress..May Allah makes everything easy for you in the upcoming times..-ameen- ~

Wish to be...ehem! Interesting! ~ :)

:) -ehem-
I don't know why,
that I'm so curious about cactus..
Yet, I have searched for it..
-aha- Just Google or Yahoo-Search..
Attracted to this first article..
And I don't think I'll stop..
I'm seriously getting obsess of things
which come to my mind so sudden lately..-yup, nodding-

From these interesting facts..
I'm trying to manifest them through me..-e'em-
Can I say that cactus is like me?
That's too much..
I'm like the cactus..
And that's right.. :)
I wish to be like a cactus..
I think I'm referring to both sides..
The inner as well as the outer angles,
of course the advantages..

Interesting but to be friend with,
this will gonna be tough..-ouuch-
Perhaps, patience can be the best buddy.. :)

~ aha ~

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Invited but Unwanted..~

Poor baby..
Mom and Dad invited you,
but you've just realized..
that you're unwanted,
and not so important in their life..
They've made a big mistake..
Follow not their gifted brain..
In the end, many are like you..
Invited but Unwanted..

And so about feeling..
When you say something..
When you do something..
When you ..... everything..
Maybe you don't realize,
that's an invitation you sent,
to their hearts..
In the end, many out there are..
Invited but Unwanted..

Is it simple or complicated to think?
You're 'sick'..
Suggestion: Take your time,
give some space to yourself..
You can do anything to release 'em all..
It's hard but it's worth..
You're not ready..
Break up, continue, break up, continue,
again and again, and so on..
Not consistent..
In fact, not stern at all..
Is love meant to be that waste?

You don't have it,
don't say, or act, or ... whatever too much..
In short, forget of having uncertain dreams and hopes..
Or else you'll be just like Mom and Dad,
aborted an innocent one..
Whenever they're
Invited but Unwanted in the end..
-follow not your blind desire-

~ Love is precious, baby is a gift, both need a mere appreciation at least.. ~

Friday, April 9, 2010

My eyes yesterday..~

You know you've a good plan..
a good intention..
a good choice..
But you don't know the good you will get..
from the good you set..

You know what you're talking about..
discussing about..
joking about..
But you don't know that you talk out of topic..
from what you should listen to carefully..

Others may see you just sit and chat, what a waste of time..
Shame on you..
But they don't know that you're not..
Something catched your eyes..
Won your attention..
Dictated your mind..
Activated your interpretation process..
That moment you listened to no sound anymore..
Are you lost?
No..but they said yes..

You're there..
An old man on his wheelchair..
He lost both of his legs due to sickness,
but what a strong arm he had..
Passing through..
He knew that your eyes at him..
So, he waved from far..
Startled..and replied spontaneously..

What if someday the same happened to me?
That old man still have two arms to drive him everywhere..
What if my eyes captured nothing,
while I can see His sign, but I rejected it?
Only then I would say..
What a waste..

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

一千年之後 + 江南 = ....~

Bird, Penguin, and Horsehoe crab..
I learnt everything from them especially that one..
I'm curious about how it works..
I'm curious about the result(s) it may produce..
I'm curious about my end..
What's the value of loyalty?
I'm obsess with it..
As long as I know that I bear the fruits..
There's no wrong to be friend with it..
Indeed, it's worth, either for a second or for a longer period..

No one knows what will be happening next..
It is way too far to be judged..
Predict could be a way..
But not totally accurate..
Still can't promise you good things..
Just can make you feel calm (a while)..

Where are we going to?
Universal directions of North, South, East, West,
which one?
See the river, see the way it makes..
It flows smoothly..
No turning back..
If you're on it, it will bring you somewhere..
Man, although you said that you've gone crossing over it,
accept the truth that you've never did it..
Your eyes and body could say so..
But not the river..
They brought you there..
The combination of your efforts and the waves did bring you there..

These things can make sense..
Many will probably say "that's impossible"..
But, you can..
You've The Supreme Being to help you..
You know that 'impossible' can turn out to be 'possible'..
With that word InsyaAllah..
Firm belief..
Observe the obliged ones..
Bless from beloved ones..
The most,
love towards the One..

"What God out of His Mercy doth bestow on mankind there is none can withhold: what He doth withhold, there is none can grant, apart from Him: and He is the Exalted in Power, full of Wisdom."
(Surah Al-Faatir: 2)

Apa-apa rahmat yang dibukakan (diberi) Allah kepada manusia, maka tiada yang akan menahannya, dan apa-apa yang ditahanNya, maka tiada yang akan memberikannya sesudah itu. Dia Maha Perkasa lagi Maha Bijaksana.


Apabila Allah s.w.t memberikan rahmat kepada seseorang, maka tiada orang yang dapat menghalanginya. Apabila Allah s.w.t menahan rahmat (menghalanginya), maka tiada juga yang dapat memberikannya. Sebab itu kita tidak boleh iri hati (dengki) kepada orang yang mendapat rahmat itu, melainkan hendaklah kita berusaha dengan segala tenaga dan ilmu pengetahuan, supaya Allah s.w.t menganugerahi kita juga rahmat itu, iaitu dengan mengikut sunnatullah. Orang yang dengki dan menggali lubang untuk saudaranya, dia sendirilah yang terjun masuk ke dalam lubang itu.

Hold my hand, my friend..
Let's pray for the beautiful 'world',
the bautiful 'world' I share with you..

JJ Lin says, 一千年之後 (Yi Qian Nian Yi Hou - Thousands Years Later) + 江南 (Jiang Nan - River South) = I would be pleased to say, Let the time decides Best and let it takes us by surprise..

~ pray and soon insyaAllah you will say alhamdulillah.. :) ~

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sanah helwa ya abi..~

> Buat abi tsayang..Sempena hari yg mulia ni, kak nak amik ksempatan ucapkn Selamat Hari Lahir yg ke 52 (betul kn? ;))..Semoga dpanjangkn umur, dmurahkn rezeki, dan sentiasa brada dlm pelukn cinta Allah..Pendek kata, semuanya dlm rahmat Allah..-ameen- Happy Best Day to you, abah.. :) [sent to Abah TCINTA, 4 April 2010/ 06:33]

- Waalaikum salam. T.kasih atas ucapan birthday tu. Umur tu salah sikit, kena terbalikkan. Satu lagi dalam pelukan cinta Allah & pelukan cinta IBU,..jgn lupa tu nnti dia marah...
[Abah TCINTA, 4 April 2010/ 06:43]

> Allah...demand pulak..hehee;) Baek, bos!
[sent to Abah TCINTA, 4 April 2010/ 06:44]

I never thought that I'll smile this early morning..The first thing to do after Subh prayer, get the phone and SMS..I'm happy..Something to be rewritten in my diary, a MUST! :D Sometimes I got jealous with my mother that my father loves her so much..Other, secret! :) Whatever it is, I'm just praying All the Best for both ibu and abah..

~ May Allah enlightens abah's days with happiness..Benefits from guided iman..-ameen- Happy Best Day, abah..hmm ~

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bitter Heart..~


~ round, round, round.. ~

Ooh..What a song with pretty voice and simple melody..-bak kata Upin & Ipin "betul, betul, betul"; English version (funny) "true, true, true"..Hmm.. :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Slowly toddle to..~

Who says that this is a child's play solely?
Growing adults also undergo this..
Like a phrase about life..
Where we're neither always at the top,
nor at the bottom..
Someday it will be otherwise..
Like me..
I'm toddling slowly to hep hep hooray..
Whatever it costs,
I wish that I could say "whatever"..
So that I can keep this on..

~ On my way ~

The Wind..~

I leave it all to the wind..Wondering if you've ever coming around..Maybe you've tried that I didn't know..Or maybe I was totally wrong..For you I say, I'm still breathing like I used to..Maybe others think that I shouldn't..but this is not easy..

I wonder if you still remember those things..Those secrets..I mean everything..-sigh- Or all of them are just a waste, I don't know..Yours, then you decide to keep or to just forget them all..

I don't know if I got a chance to see you again..But if I don't, hmm..just wanna say Thanks..I think I've found the hikmah..But don't worry..The hikmah means a lot to me..And I really hope that you're also enjoying yours.. :) -shaking head, no blame-

Lately, I do really drive myself to places that can make me recall those memories..I'm not forced to do it, but I guess that I just really need it..And I feel much better..Let the tears flow as I'm comforted by a great relief in a few moment..-it works on me- I don't mind spending some time for my past..Indeed, Thanks to them..-smiling- Diaries..And, hey, who knows, I may be driving myself to places that I've never stepped on..And that's not on personal purpose, of course..rather a concern I would like to say..-insyaAllah-

I don't see the wind..But I can feel it blows over me, touches me as I close my eyes..Although I got no news, still I'm praying that everything will be okay there..My life here is okay..I still can do whatever I want but my sensitivity is becoming 'worse'..And that's scary..-eerie, euuwwghh..!!!- But, again, thanks to the past..At least there's a piece of happiness that I can enjoy up till now..

Hmm..Whatever it is, I think I got my part..That's fair, I think so..I leave my breath to the wind as I exhale..I leave my words to the wind as I whisper..I leave my voice to the wind as I speak..What to do, I can't even see it..It is sufficient enough to know that as long as it exists, news will always be there..

~ Look down and walk with smile.. :) -think- I'm so glad that I found you and glad that I'm going through this..-aha, nodding- ~