Sunday, April 11, 2010

Invited but Unwanted..~

Poor baby..
Mom and Dad invited you,
but you've just realized..
that you're unwanted,
and not so important in their life..
They've made a big mistake..
Follow not their gifted brain..
In the end, many are like you..
Invited but Unwanted..

And so about feeling..
When you say something..
When you do something..
When you ..... everything..
Maybe you don't realize,
that's an invitation you sent,
to their hearts..
In the end, many out there are..
Invited but Unwanted..

Is it simple or complicated to think?
You're 'sick'..
Suggestion: Take your time,
give some space to yourself..
You can do anything to release 'em all..
It's hard but it's worth..
You're not ready..
Break up, continue, break up, continue,
again and again, and so on..
Not consistent..
In fact, not stern at all..
Is love meant to be that waste?

You don't have it,
don't say, or act, or ... whatever too much..
In short, forget of having uncertain dreams and hopes..
Or else you'll be just like Mom and Dad,
aborted an innocent one..
Whenever they're
Invited but Unwanted in the end..
-follow not your blind desire-

~ Love is precious, baby is a gift, both need a mere appreciation at least.. ~

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