Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy for you..~

What is "HAPPINESS"?

:) Let's find out..
Some that I got graphically..

How? :)

So, where can it be found? :)

The real thing is that,
In the pursuit of happiness...-ehem-

You chose best..
Faith, Hope, Patience, and Acceptance..
and...never underestimate the power of a smile!
(Huda Khattab)
for yourself..
Again she said that "...the key to happiness is prostration...",
by starting your day with Fajr prayer..
She ends hers with a phrase:
"Futile arguments and trivial discussions take away the sense of peace and tranquility."
Perhaps that's why He is the Best as a Companion..

And now,
that's what I wanna see.. :)
Your happiness!!!-yeay-

~ Outstanding progress..May Allah makes everything easy for you in the upcoming times..-ameen- ~

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