Monday, April 19, 2010

Missing my beach..~

That I still had and got a chance to go there..
At first..
I said, "Hey old pal...We meet again.." and smile..

The sea..
The bay..
The wind..
The panorama..
hmm..and many..
All beaches share the same thing..
What makes 'em special is my thought..
My expression..

That's better..
Upon hearing the sound of that salty-taste water,
I think that could be much more than a song..
Upon seeing the big picture of it,
I think that might be enough for unsolved questions..
Both led to a happy ending of pondering..

I'm not tired..
But that's all for now..
I don't wanna share much..
We still have many other days, or perhaps months and years..
to meet each other again..
Let me keep some..
I can't promise you that I'll be back..
Since I got little cuties here..
I need 'em also..

To touch you is impossible..
Me, I like to hold something wholely..
That I can feel you..
But 'em..
They're cute..
That I can touch 'em at anytime I wish to..
The furry fur, with pleasant smell, each carries different character,
that make me feel better..
Plus, I can hold 'em tight, very tight, quite often.. :)

You're far away..
Why aren't you belonged here?
Never mind..
We'll meet again some other day..
And we'll make it better..

~ you're my treasure ~

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