Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Wind..~

I leave it all to the wind..Wondering if you've ever coming around..Maybe you've tried that I didn't know..Or maybe I was totally wrong..For you I say, I'm still breathing like I used to..Maybe others think that I shouldn't..but this is not easy..

I wonder if you still remember those things..Those secrets..I mean everything..-sigh- Or all of them are just a waste, I don't know..Yours, then you decide to keep or to just forget them all..

I don't know if I got a chance to see you again..But if I don't, hmm..just wanna say Thanks..I think I've found the hikmah..But don't worry..The hikmah means a lot to me..And I really hope that you're also enjoying yours.. :) -shaking head, no blame-

Lately, I do really drive myself to places that can make me recall those memories..I'm not forced to do it, but I guess that I just really need it..And I feel much better..Let the tears flow as I'm comforted by a great relief in a few moment..-it works on me- I don't mind spending some time for my past..Indeed, Thanks to them..-smiling- Diaries..And, hey, who knows, I may be driving myself to places that I've never stepped on..And that's not on personal purpose, of course..rather a concern I would like to say..-insyaAllah-

I don't see the wind..But I can feel it blows over me, touches me as I close my eyes..Although I got no news, still I'm praying that everything will be okay there..My life here is okay..I still can do whatever I want but my sensitivity is becoming 'worse'..And that's scary..-eerie, euuwwghh..!!!- But, again, thanks to the past..At least there's a piece of happiness that I can enjoy up till now..

Hmm..Whatever it is, I think I got my part..That's fair, I think so..I leave my breath to the wind as I exhale..I leave my words to the wind as I whisper..I leave my voice to the wind as I speak..What to do, I can't even see it..It is sufficient enough to know that as long as it exists, news will always be there..

~ Look down and walk with smile.. :) -think- I'm so glad that I found you and glad that I'm going through this..-aha, nodding- ~

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