Friday, April 9, 2010

My eyes yesterday..~

You know you've a good plan..
a good intention..
a good choice..
But you don't know the good you will get..
from the good you set..

You know what you're talking about..
discussing about..
joking about..
But you don't know that you talk out of topic..
from what you should listen to carefully..

Others may see you just sit and chat, what a waste of time..
Shame on you..
But they don't know that you're not..
Something catched your eyes..
Won your attention..
Dictated your mind..
Activated your interpretation process..
That moment you listened to no sound anymore..
Are you lost?
No..but they said yes..

You're there..
An old man on his wheelchair..
He lost both of his legs due to sickness,
but what a strong arm he had..
Passing through..
He knew that your eyes at him..
So, he waved from far..
Startled..and replied spontaneously..

What if someday the same happened to me?
That old man still have two arms to drive him everywhere..
What if my eyes captured nothing,
while I can see His sign, but I rejected it?
Only then I would say..
What a waste..

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