Friday, April 16, 2010

Wish to be...ehem! Interesting! ~ :)

:) -ehem-
I don't know why,
that I'm so curious about cactus..
Yet, I have searched for it..
-aha- Just Google or Yahoo-Search..
Attracted to this first article..
And I don't think I'll stop..
I'm seriously getting obsess of things
which come to my mind so sudden lately..-yup, nodding-

From these interesting facts..
I'm trying to manifest them through me..-e'em-
Can I say that cactus is like me?
That's too much..
I'm like the cactus..
And that's right.. :)
I wish to be like a cactus..
I think I'm referring to both sides..
The inner as well as the outer angles,
of course the advantages..

Interesting but to be friend with,
this will gonna be tough..-ouuch-
Perhaps, patience can be the best buddy.. :)

~ aha ~

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