Saturday, May 1, 2010

A - Z..Is it??

A ends with Z..
1 ends with..??

Taking ends with loss..
Giving ends with..??
It will continue..
Depends on you..

A without any character along the way to the Z,
will be incomplete..
1 with any missing number along the way to the infinite end,
will create error in counting..
Knowing somebody,
Understanding somebody,
along the way to your wishful ending,
without accepting..
Will mean nothing..

Lacking is something to be fixed..
It may not be fixed wholely,
but time can slowly make it better..
'Top-up' each other..
Look at the 'whole'..
As if you're ignoring a small black dot,
on a big-size white paper.. :)

For you..
I would like to say..
Perfect the imperfect..
For giving is better than taking..
May your wish come true..
Good Luck!!! (^_^)

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