Saturday, May 22, 2010

Something for today..~

Abah got an invitation..
Wedding invitation.. :)
5 of us went there..
Sg. Besi, what a place..

11.30 am, at home..

Listening to while ironing..
By DJ Latifah Abd. Aziz..
It's not that I like to listen to
It's just a coincidence..-really?-
I think so..
Plus, hey..this is a master bedroom..
Ibu turned to this station..
As most of the time, they turn on Quranic recitation..
Especially before Subh, early in the morning..
-mmm- before Maghrib and after 12 at night..
I think so..

A request from a listener..
A song sounds like "Kau Maha Pendengar"..
Maybe Indonesian's nasyeed..
No comment..
First time dengar..
- BEST!!! -
Bak kata BSB, 'straight through my heart'..
-ahah, nodding-

14:15, on the way to Sg. Besi..

Listen to ish3-
Just like, it's not that I like to listen to this station..
Hey..this is abah's car..-hmm-
A song by Mariah Carey.."Love Takes Time"..
No comment..
First time dengar..
-err...what a 'powerful' words she had-

15:20, arrived..

I saw Kak Liza, INSPIRE Club senior..
But it's way too far..
With her hubby and lil cute daughter, and other relatives..
She's in green, hers in a simple outfit (hubby), and a white dress (lil cutie)..
She left so soon..
-it's okay-

Along the way..
Silence was my friend..
They (Aki & Yana) asked me, "Kak, kenapa diam ni..?"..
-hmm..pity them-
I don't know..
I just sat, looked everything around through the window, listened to any sound my ears could reach..

A thought that I remember..
DJ Latifah shared something, word of wisdom but I missed to get the name as ibu was talking to me at that moment..

"Ramai yang minta daripada Allah s.w.t apa yang mereka nak dan suka..Tetapi, mereka tak jaga apa yang Allah s.w.t suka.."

My interpretation:
We want our wish come true..We get what we wish for..But we ignore His rules..We forget about the halal and haram things..In short, we break the rules..Many verses in Qur'an touch about this..Yes, our fitrah = forgetful..But, that's the reason to always be aware..for what we're doing, for what we're having, in everything..Seek His taufiq hidayah, the 4 qul s are the simplest we can put our effort on and practice..-allahualam, insyaAllah-

Again, I'm so grateful..He Knows my weaknesses..And that's why He delays my wishes for this moment..-calm and clear-

Something I got for today..
May tomorrow be the best..
- insyaAllah, ameen -

~ flower for today..alhamdulillah ~

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