Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Loca anime..~

Some people can make life by learning from any medium they like..
By the way, check this out..

Ayashi No Ceres..
Aya has a twin boy, Aki..
Aya loves Touya and so Touya loves Aya..
Ceres loves Yuhi BUT Yuhi loves Aya..-hehe, dizzy-
Who is Aya and who is Ceres?
Aya is a 16 year-old girl..
Ceres is something inside her, a celestial maiden, existed throughout her heritage..
Touya is her enemy..Yuhi is her 'prince charming'..
So actually both are falling in love with Aya..
But something inside resists Touya and wants Yuhi..
Aki, Aya's twin brother, also has something inside him..
That keep the twins apart from each other..
Even that 'something' is also an enemy of Ceres..
(i think that 'something' is Ceres's husband who stole her clothes and caused her trapped in this world forever)
-errghh, so complicated-
*still looking for further episodes :P

Byousoku 5cm (5 centimeter Per Second)..
Met since child..
Even love each other since child..
Promise made..
Someday, we'll be meeting at some place and some time..
The deal, if one doesn't come,
meaning we'll make our own way and life..
As promised, the girl comes but she sees nobody..
As promised, the boy comes but he sees nobody..
Going back with determine heart,
and promise..
They never get together..
At the promised time and place, both were there..
5cm to each other..but they didn't recognize the grown-up faces..
-errghh, crazy-

1 thing I realized..
Sometimes love is really meant for us..
But time plays with us..still we'll win in the end..
And sometimes love is meant to be sacrificed..
Although chances are there,
it's always meant to be someone else's..

27th Dec 2008..
Can we make it real for this..?
27th Dec 2010..
The time we first met..

~ keyword: your heart..~

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