Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Barbie doll..? No..~

I'm young..
I'm beautiful..
I'm pretty..
I'm talented..
I'm everything I am..

I'm a princess..No, I'm not..
I'm an angel..No, I'm not..
I'm a fairy..No, I'm not..
I'm a magic..No, I'm not..

I'm far too kind..
I'm far too generous..
I'm far too soft..
I'm far too emphatic..
I'm far too honest..
I'm far too innocent..

I deserve a prince..
I deserve the jewels..
I deserve a castle..
I deserve a high class life..
I deserve everything that I want..
And, what else?

Barbie, she's far too perfect..
As if she's unbeatable..
No match..
No competition..
In fact, she's just an imaginary thing..

For real, I should think of these women..
Siti Khadijah, Fatimah, Zinnirah, Sumayyah, Asiah, Puteri Balqis, 'Aisyah, Ainul Mardhiah, Halimatus Sa'adiah, Maryam, Siti Hajar, and other Muslim women..
Who submitted their souls and faith for Him..
Who sacrificed their strength, wealth, and even physical body for Him..
Who followed the truth brought by the Prophet s.a.w..

Who love only and stayed firm with their husbands;
taking care of their dignity,
educating their children,
praying for His and his blessings in this world and forth,
for the mosque they've had..

For they're the best symbols before me..
In everything I do..

~ trying, insyaAllah..Please pray for me.. T_T ~

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