Tuesday, February 23, 2010


It's quite thick..I know that it's just only some in it..Not all..1% maybe..Not much..Allah is Great! :) It's impossible to write everything in a piece of paper..We tend to write things that we adore most..or things that we don't want to forget..

I did my best..I've tried..I never say I'm tired, not even a single word..I got the answers..I think it's worth..I can be seen passive in a way, but I'm searching..He always give me the cues..then I choose..As a result, I get the answers..

I've promised to myself a lot..And I don't want to disappoint myself anymore..Because I love myself so much..I don't mind if they don't love me..As long as I know I do.. :)

Abah gave me a new diary..Of course, the yellow one..Still in a good condition..I'm just wondering..How am I going to start the new one? Coz I've already start a new one..

Sorry, I'll surely continue mine..Because this is my choice..And I believe this is not wrong..Let it be simple as it does give great comfort.. :) ~ Alhamdulillah ~

~ My choice ~

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