Thursday, February 25, 2010's worth! :)

I was sitting at the not so called peaceful place,
but comfortable in a way..yup!

Waiting sometimes can be good for you..Teaches you of being patient..Most people don't realize this..Somehow, just be positive..- I would like to say -

There she's coming..
With that smile..
She may seemed know nothing..
But actually she does know something..
To smile, waving her hand.

I may be a stranger at first,
but soon may turn to be a friend
or an enemy - auzubillah - ..
She did her best..
and I'm attracted to her..
I'm proud of her.

You still have a long way to go, dear..
We'll be meeting there soon..
That is if you still remember..
If you don't, just want you to know that
I always remember you..

~ lil children, they're like white and plain clothes ~

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