Monday, March 28, 2011


Out of many jokes, I'd always bear 1..

See the cartoon above? Get the joke, huh?!

Imagine that you're jumping from a tall building..
Reaching level 5 of the building, somebody opens a window..
Asking "Hey, how ya doing??"..
You said: "SO FAR SO GOOD" out loud..
The person closed the window and left..

This joke is always ((ALWAYS)) been shared by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jamal Badi..
A lecturer from IRKHS Department..
for Critical & Creative Thinking course..

Do you get his point from the joke?

"People always claim and see themselves as they're in a good (as if in a very very perfect) condition although actually they're reaching the bottom @ falling down..At the crucial time, others offered some help (because they see you're falling down), but you declined and they left..By the time you reach the surface, you're dead.."

You wait until you see your failures..
By that time, it's far too late..
You can fix your past..yes..
But need a very hard work and suffer in a longer time..

Yesterday, you slept in sadness and tiredness..
Today you're awake with tears and fatigue..
Tonight you sleep..
Tomorrow get up with...??

Is the story going to be the same again and again??
Are you going to say "Ooohh..My life is so boring.."..
"I'm sorry if I'm a boring person to you.."
"I'm sorry if I always tell you the same story.."
Think again..Where's the BORING came from??

For a leader, you determine your way - to guide your people..
For a subordinate, you determine your way - to ease your leader..
For a person, you determine your way - to get what you want..
For every individual, you determine your way - in whatever you do..

Do you think, if you succeeded with your choice, people won't follow you??

Everybody wants success in life!
Our fitrah..

But the question is, where's the EFFORT -even to change??

Again, who make a 1 definite decision to success??

p/s: Make your life COUNT!

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