Sunday, June 20, 2010

:) ~

Nothing much to say..
So many answers revealed lately..
As I've put efforts on decision making..
Not so easy, quite tough I would like to say..
Gone through ups and downs..
Happiness and sadness..
Full and emptiness..
If a phrase of "Practice makes perfect" existed,
I think then it's not too much to build up mine..
"Bitter makes Sweet".. :P
I know it sounds funny..
But, you agree with me..?? :)

My days went out smoothly..
That I'm feeling happy to open the book again..
The new book..The old one?? I still remember my brother said,
"Biarlah..Dah lapuk semua tu.."..
He's show that we have the right to...(do whatever we want, note: The focus is on 'our right')
I hope others with the same prob will find their way out..-hopefully-
Coz they don't know what's waiting for them the day after..
For sure they'll get what they want if they believe and be patient..

The dreams have shown me so many..
That I've doubt no more..
Let me begin with the head of sweeties..
((edited message))

"Alhamdulillah. I'm really happy for u ;) next time jgn stress sgt. N, as a close friend, I'm willing to listen, help n ready to support u @ any time ;)"
- .... 21 Dec 2009/ 22:06 -

A "close friend" when we're not so..
That's him/her.. :)
Others also..
Diggin' for more to write on..

~ all praise to Him ~

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