Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The only we can do..~

You're heard..
Please don't say we did not put any on you..
We've tried our best..
But still the devils cut the mood..
You keep it on, and always on..
An alarm on us..
"Keep the record on play"..

They got the big ones..
Solid and sophisticated..
There's no need to be surprised..
Coz all that are sponsored..
They're doin' their jobs..
And so do we..

We're not heroes..
Chosen by God to be the most powerful on earth..
But we're heroes inside, at the heart..
That's what they fear most..
Save our 'world'..
Save our heart, save it..

It has been written..
From a long, long time ago..
They won, but get nothing..
We'll win in addition to that, we'll be free in eternal happiness..
None can endow to us..
Except Him..

~ If you have some time, spend it on Armageddon War..Then, you'll discover why the Israelis tried so hard to kill all Gazans..How the nuclear has an effect on all modern weapons as well as transportations..Only on that day, all of us will be experiencing the ancient times; using old weapons to fight (no more bombs, etc), use animals as transportations etc..This is what they (Israelis) fear most..Our firm heart, our integrity, our faith..So, save it...

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