Sunday, February 13, 2011

Be patient, dear../ Sabarlah, sayang..~

It's not something new hearing upon "Sabarlah..", or "Just be patient..", or "Hold on for a while.."..

Reaching this moment without me realizing it..
Really gives a big impact in life..
But soon I know it will be the patience that is most needed..
As a savior..

There's something I want to share..
Because this is the beauty of the patience itself..
It may not be transmitted through generation..
But it's already inside you and me..
It's just the time to teach us how to act upon it..

Listen to this..
Today, I heard the sweetest chirps from my window..
It's a happy tone, unlike yesterday..
Today, I feel the warmth breeze in the morning..
It's a peaceful condition, unlike days before..
Today, I feel something different..
It's a strange and a great feeling, unlike other..
What is it..?

May I share one thing with others?
Do you know how it feels when waiting for what we're waiting for?
Pain? You better wash this off your head..
Missing you, yes..
Accompanied by sabar, this will be more meaningful..

All praise is to Him..
Stop your tears from falling down..
Stop asking unanswered questions..
Stop making illogical statements..
Stop mocking yourself..

Perhaps this is the beautiful feeling many don't have a chance to taste..
Only those with sabar are the winner of all..
He will never disappoint any..
Have faith in Him..

For life is about a long wait..
Be patient, dear...

~ insyaAllah ~

p/s: Beginnings are usually painful, but the ends are definetly 'colorful'..Keep saying to myself  "Sabarlah, sayang..."..

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