Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Boring? No..~ :)

~ listening to 2PM - Don't Stop Can't Stop...

i believe i can

The most interesting and favorite topic, self-efficacy.. :)
The one who really close to his/ her self-efficacy is most probably be the one who really close to God..
((regardless religious background - Allah is The Only One))

Allow me to share some.. :)

1) Hockey
I was 12, school at SK Beserah, Kuantan..
Played for school..
Training session - tough..-huh, sakit pinggang-
One thing I remembered, "never miss the ball"..-hehe-
Soon I moved out, never touch even that 'stick'..
Last 28th Dec 2010, I touched the ball..haha..
-Nasib laa..Sapa suh lalu kat tempat hoki (FSC)..Salah bola tu jugak, kenapa laa landing depan i??- :P
But it's okay, good one to be remembered before I grad..

2) Tae Kwon Do
I was 13, school at SMK Paya Besar, Kuantan..
Unintentionally joined the club..
Started with white, ended with black..

At first, sorry to say, it was for fun,
since I was a follower of hip-hop who admire breakdance so much.. :)
Training, grading, tournament, and injuries, everything..
Hey, FINWEIGHT okay!! -who can really bear that pain anyway-
Tough but I enjoyed those things..
Seriously serious..

Decision made, quit unofficially..
Due to health problem..
I was 23 that time..
Perhaps it's also due to the tought I've made earlier..
"Stop as soon as I grad black belt"..
Never mind, I'm satisfied with my achievement..

3) Other
What? PKN @ PLKN..
I was 18, 1 month at Rompin's Camp, 2 months at UiTM Segamat..
Exposed to army life,
self-discipline, self-management, teamwork, get active, everything..
Arghhhh....fight with own psyche especially mental..-huh-

But, big thanks to them..
Who am I right now physically and mentally shaped by those trainings..


I believe I can..
What more can be the best education other than experience??
Learn, experience..Experience, learn..((apart from reading))
My sports life is now limited to jogging,
and some light dancing (in-room only, sekali sekala syok sendiri)..
Mediums for stress relief..

Self-efficacy - the belief that one can perform in a certain manner to produce desired and designated levels of performance by considering/ challenging his abilities. How? By observing one's own thoughts, perceptions, and emotions regulatory. High self-efficacy = being able to balance/ improve those..Let's ask ourselves.. :)

With a humble thought..
When we believe we can do something,
we're building an intra-relationship with Him..
We're thinking positive about ourselves..
Moreover, we're His creation..
Without we realize it, we're showing our gratitude through this body..
And the soul that lives in it..
Soul - cognition, affection, emotion, invisible processes.....

My self-efficacy has driven me this far..
Live as a human, I can't escape from competitions @ tests..
Well, hidup takkan indah tanpa ujian kan..? :)

"I've experienced this, so I should be careful this time"
"If others can make it (this and this), why can't I?"
Nobody can bring me down..
I believe HE's always be with me..
And HE's always do..

Allow me to share some related messages from beloved friends.. :)

"Sahabat..Hadiah dr Dia..Alhamdulillah..Jaga diri baik2 ((my name-huhu-)), demi Dia.. :)"
- K 09 Nisa (19 Dec 2010/ 23:53)

"tidak ada suatu musibah yang menimpa (seseorg), kecuali dgn izin Allah, dan barangsiapa briman kpd Allah, nescya Allah akn mbri ptnjuk kpd hatinya. dan Allah maha Mengetahui sgala ssuatu." (64:11) p/s: to all my dear frens, wutever temptations we have 2 face, let's face them wth high patience n hve full faith in Allah. He won't test us wth thngs tht we cannot bear n believe me the tempations n tests gven by Allah 2 us r simply the symbol of His Love 2 all of us s the chosen slaves. b strong n proceed our lives wth the new spirit of Islam. takbir! - ZIMAH ZAIWANI - :D"
- HADIS Hazimah (31 Dec 2010/ 14:17)

"When studying becomes a burden, When revision is stressful, When we feel like giving up n not study for our exams, remember these 2 verses: 1. Allah doesnt burden us with things that we cant bear. 2. Verily with every difficulty, there is relief. InsyaAllah, we'll feel better. All d best utk sem ni :)"
- K 09 Syed Kamil (4 Jan 2011/ 23:53)

:) Thank you..I will..Make me believe in myself better..Hope everything will be the same with you guys too..

~ insyaAllah ~

p/s: "So we don't stop, we can't stop..Until we reach the top!!" - 2PM..Despise ourselves never..

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