Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011/ 25..~

~ listening to "Creating Love" by 4minute..Personal Taste theme song..

be my everything

Sitting here, doing assignment obviously..But I can't really deny this thing..Come closer and let's take a break.. :)

We follow this calendar, so what to do, I'm now 25..hurm..without me realizing this before and even now..haih..It's hard to accept but I'm on this earth, to be specific, I'm wondering about what I've done so far throughout 24 years..hurm..

1 thing for sure I missed..
But no regret, it's okay..
Keep reminding myself, I've friends with me..
And I shouldn't worry that much..
But, the emptiness, that I should admit..
It's not that I'm a kind of picky one,
I still fail and keep failing in capturing man's feelings..

I'm sorry...

As when I watched "Personal Taste",
I think I'm just like innocent, fool, petty Park Gae-In..
Maybe I need a Jeon Jin-Ho to tell and interpret emotion hints for me..
Live with friends; know who's the real friends and the enemies..
Put no judgement onto others, being positive, no stab back, sacrifice..hurm.. 
The good side of the drama to be taken, others NO!!

How am I supposed to start a relationship like this?
I don't even know how to win hearts..
Taste..? Hurm...-secret kut-

I missed a lot in this battle of friendship-relationship..
I wish I can balance between these two..
So that I can spend some time to love, to care, to be happy..
Learn everything about taking a good care of a relationship..
Because to me, it's supposed to be 'indah'..

1 out of definite goals set since Maal Hijrah..
Looking for the One,
looking for the one,
who can be an Imam, a husband in future, a loyal friend, a place full with calmness..
Be My Everything...

~ insyaAllah ~

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