Monday, January 17, 2011

Learn & Do..~

I must make sure that I learn these for survival and self-discipline..
1) Learn to be independent
2) Learn to be strong
3) Learn to be happy
4) Learn to smile
5) Learn to pray for others
6) Learn to be open-minded
7) Learn to be optimist
8) Learn to be not so sensitive
9) Learn to appreciate
10) Learn to forgive
11) Learn to forget
12) Learn to say sorry
13) Learn to understand

Most important.......

Learn to Accept the all possible stated above..For sure each has its own shortcomings..It's not that each will be done separately from each other, all will develop together, it's just the matter of degree that differentiates them..

~ insyaAllah ~

p/s: Remembered a phrase said by Nisa in last usrah: "Persahabatan ibarat Perkahwinan" ((sound scary))..Kerana kasih sayang menjadi pengikat ukhuwah antara satu sama lain..Menuju satu hala, perpaduan dan persaudaraan dalam meneruskan usaha menyampaikan dakwah..

Everybody is a gift from Allah..Therefore, I would like to say....

"I love my friends..And you're my friend..Perhaps I should say I love you..You're a gift from Him.." :)

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