Friday, March 12, 2010

Cue the sun..~

This morning..
I reached them..
Ya..them in my heart..
And I found a great relief..
Although the responds were just simple..
But they do filled my heart..
with happiness..
~ alhamdulillah ~

Those things of CPR and Choking Treatment (individual practical)..
~ alhamdulillah ~

The coming is for Triage and Extrication (group practical)..
This Sunday..
~ insyaAllah ~

With all hopes and shines..
I'll be stronger..
again and again..
Try my best to get up..
With them by my side..
A present from Him..
Can't and never be replaced..
The presence never allow me to go down,
Not even once..

Thank you, Allah..
For the most valuable gift..

The door is still open..
I'll go and get the sun,
so that I can use the light..
To torch my path..

~ insyaAllah ~

Little hope..
From a little servant..

P/s: I must be there..

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