Sunday, March 21, 2010

Good to know..~

It's good to know..
I was down at first..
Walk away..
Sit for a while..
Thinking..solving some puzzles..
Get some light meal..
Having a chat..
On the way back..
She greet me "Assalamualaikum..."..
I was startled..
A stranger..
Walked by..
Even she's not Malay, of course..Arab..
With veil..-ehem-
Yes, she did make me smile so soon..

Another 'she'..
A stranger..
Very soft..
In deed, I love those who are soft talker..
Talk with soft voice..
With soft words..
Not sweet talker, of course..
I do respect them..
Yes, they do make me respect them..

I sat somewhere with my sister..
A mother..
She put her baby girl just next to me..
She went for ablution..
This girl..very cute.. :)
It's hard to win her, seriously..
But I did..-haha-
Yes I did..
She fears me no more..
I can say, we're good friends..-ooops, my sister got jealous-
Anis, you're such a lucky, lucky, lucky lil girl..
I'm gonna miss you..-muah-

It's good to know..
I've to worry no more..
Just be me..
If strangers and bystanders can approach me,
why I can't do so?
In fact, I'm gonna be the one who will approach him..
Attend him..
Entertain him..
With all my strength..
Not promising, but I can say,
"As far as I could"..- insyaAllah -
If I'm not able to make myself happy,
then who's gonna make him happy?

It's good to know that.. :)

~ I want to try ~

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