Sunday, March 21, 2010

Grow Our Own Way..~

Whenever we’re in doubt..
We’re always face down..
I’m not sure,
I guess so..

We don’t have to,
shouldn’t do that..
Because we have to face up..
Look forward..
I’m not sure,
I guess so..

I know you’ve cried a lot..
I’m sorry for making things become worse..
You need some rest..
That’s the only..
I’m not sure..
I guess so..

I know you’ve shared everything..
I’m sorry for not being understanding..
You need some rest..
Stop by and release..
I’m not sure..

Face up, look forward..
I think this world is so big for you..
To wander around..
Does it ever say that you’re so boring?
I don’t think so..
Go ahead..
If your success is there..
You’re just near to it..
Just because you’ve that reason..
It’s your right..
We’ll make our own way..

~ Fly..up..up..and Away ~

Raise our hands and pray…Allah…

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