Friday, March 19, 2010


I hope not..
Hope so..

Still hope not..
Hope so..
Can I say sorry?
I'm sorry..
I'm so sorry..
Hope you accept that sorry..


Change dream into hope..
So that..
At least, that hope makes us move/act accordingly..
We're Muslims..

3 people that can ensure our rise and fall..
1) Those who are always appreciate opportunity to rise (being critical).
2) Those who are just sit, wait, and see.
3) Those who are among us who will ensure that we're at the bottom (backstab).

Where are we (among those)?

Now, we're on the right track..
The platform to reach real world..
Reality no more fantasy..
Yes, that's us..
With knowledge..
Others' hope..
To become leaders..

Knowledge + Trust + Quality = Our RISE as the whole community..
For our ummah..
Make 'em as salient as possible, dear.. :)

I may be not a good, or strong, or perfect one..But I HOPE I can contribute something for myself yet for my religion..

~ insyaAllah ~

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