Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tears..please stop...~

I've promised to myself..Whatever happened, I'll be smiling..Let me cry when it's just needed..But again and again, I keep failing..Tears always crawling down..Is it because of it wants to fall down, or me myself has been so sensitive..?

I'm confused..Before I'm able to be in the middle..I made it..But now, I'm confused..If I say it, angry would probably be the drive to the unexpected decision..If I don't, it's me, who will suffer..While others are happy..Because they win the game....
- I'm so confused -

Now that the decision has been made..I lost..Out of honesty.. T_T Up till now, I still believe that this is just a misunderstanding..

I should stop crying..It's me who decide this to happen from the beginning..Abah said, if somebody rejects you from being his/her friend..Just go ahead with your current fellow friends..There are many out there who wants to be your friend though..
Remember..I may lose one, but many will come...Just have faith in Him..
- yaqeen -

I remember Allah's promise..Test is not meant for nothing..Sometimes we like something so much, but we don't know that it will bring harm to us..Sometimes we dislike something so much, but we don't know that it will benefit us..
- again, Al-Baqarah -

~ I love myself.. ~

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