Tuesday, November 23, 2010


This is truly hard..
      Bedtime stories no more..
            Looking at the hanging clock..
                  On the wall, it ticks fast on and on...

Why I got trapped in here?
      Why I got no strength handling this?
            How I got trapped in this?
                  How long I can deal with this?


Perhaps he knows the weakness..
      Perhaps I know mine best..
            So, what could be the best..?
                  If the time leads us this way..?

They may like shortcuts..
      But they don't realize how they'd suffer in return..
            Hurm...take a long way..
                  May cause wasting but safe in a way...

People, feelings, things, even life..
      Have a potential possiblity to change..
            Change to good, change to the worst..
                  But does that bother? YES!

The arrow shows to the North..
      A straight path no bewildered sign..
            I should make a full use of the sunlight..
                  So that I'll reach there..soon...

Still, nothing seems easy..
      As eyes see, observe, witness, etc..
             As ears hear, feel the warm breeze..
                   Reaching to the mind and heart, you can't really tell them...


No intent to stop..
      Only when the right time comes, I will stop..
            It's just a dilemma..
                  Crossed that triggers and tests self-efficacy consistency...

~ must be careful next time, haish ~

p/s: Please don't fall..

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