Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wonderful alarm..~


To spend some time onto selves does not really means wasting it..
This is the hikmah..
When you learn about understanding yourselves better..
It will never be the boring thing ever..
You'll smile..
And you'll say to yourself..
"Ooh..this is me..I never know myself this way.."

 “Barang siapa yang mengerjakan amal soleh, baik laki-laki mahupun perempuan dalam keadaan beriman, maka sesungguhnya akan Kami berikan kepadanya kehidupan yang baik (kebahagiaan) dan sesungguhnya akan Kami beri balasan kepada mereka dengan pahala yang lebih baik dari apa yang telah mereka kerjakan” [An-Nahl:97]

From the article "Di mana ku temukan bahagia", the ayat shows that the wisdom of giving ourselves space for behaving good and improving to-be-good can lead to 'kebahagiaan'.. :)
Everything starts from selves first..
When the right time comes, you'll get the answer..

Maybe some out there ask me what answer am I looking for?
The answer to know myself better..
Of course not beyond my knowledge..
It's just for self-satisfaction..

Someday, you'll walk with wide smile..
With worry no more..
Keep in mind that, it's just a story..
Simple story in which you bumped into accidentally..
And you're part of it..

Someday, it will be here..
Such a very very unique things happened within a short period of time..
Keep believeing in hikmah..
It will wipe away all tears..
Returning your hopes into a light..
Returning your dreams into a guide..
Who knows..

All the Best for us!! \(^_^)/

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