Monday, November 15, 2010

Out of Sudden..~

Out of sudden..
I like Korean drama.. :) So far, 4 dramas I've watched..Even I can compare which 1 is the BEST! -wow- I never know about my own interest.. :P

- Winter Sonata
- My Girl
- A Love to Kill
- Personal Preference/ Personal Taste

p/s: I bet you'd cry a lot watching "A Love to Kill"..isk3..Thanx to roomy, Shira, for the Personal Taste.. :P

Out of sudden..
Watching doesn't mean admiring..Of course the actors and actresses are so beautiful compared to ours..But to me, still Malay man can win my heart BEST! Studying in an international university gives me an opportunity knowing many culture backgrounds..And yet, still Malay man can do BEST! :)

p/s: zhi dui ni shuo...我鬥書玉妮  ((wo dou shu yu ni))

Out of sudden..
Talking about personal taste, I used to have none.. :P But now I do have, ((after reading an article about choosing life partner))..Still, only me who knows mine..Dapat ke tak orangnya sepertimana taste nya, tak tahulah.. -allahualam- Dengan izin Allah..

p/s: Somehow, deciding taste develops after you get to know that person..

Out of sudden..
I feel happy + satisfied with my screening, selection, and decision.. :)

Out of sudden..
I think I like these funny quotes so much..

1) If nothing goes right, go left..

2) Love is Life, if you missed Love, you missed Life..

p/s: Thanx to kak Na, dear soul sister.. :)

Out of sudden..
I just love when you sent me this..-the BEST cure-

"Allah is e Protector of those who have faith: from e depths of darkness, He will lead them forth into light..." (al-baqarah: 257) :)
- .... (13 Nov 2010/ 20:13)

p/s: And other verses..Thanx ya.. :)

Out of sudden..
I think I love my friendship more than anything else..After loving my relationship with dear-lovely-parents-and-siblings..

~ May Allah keeps this happiness on and on....-ameen-

I just want to s.m.i.l.e.... (^_^)

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