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Bukit Cahaya Shah Alam, Seksyen 8

Climate House - Winter

Let's seek some time to be spent together with beloved family and friends.. :) -coz this is what I've been always wanted to do, hehe-

Copying from a page to know more details about this place..((khazanah alam))..Living here (actually just near to this park) would be nothing if I don't get a step closer into it.. :)

So, these are some details about it:

Monday: Closed except for public holidays and school holidays

Tuesday to Sunday: 8am to 5pm

RM3 per adult, RM1 per child (under 12 years), RM1 for senior citizens (above 55 years)

* Four Seasons House: RM3 per adult, RM1 per child (under 12 years)

RM10 for video camera license

RM3-5 for first hour for bicycle rental (depend on bike model), RM1 for every subsequent hour.

RM2 for 3 hours in swimming pool

Car park RM1 per entry

Here are some activities at the park:

1) Camping
2) Swimming
3) Cycling (you must rent park bicycles, own bikes not allowed)
4) Walking / jogging
5) Stay at chalets
6) Picnic
7) Barbeque
8) Cactus Garden
*9) Four Seasons Climate House (Rumah Iklim)
10) Animal park
11) Mushroom Garden
12) Bamboo Garden
13) Spice Garden
14) Orchid Garden
15) Looking at plants and animals
16) Feeding mosquitoes (hehe)
17) Fishing (RM2 charged per rod)
18) Visit paddy field and traditional rice harvesting method
19) Climb lake observation tower
20) Hiking to observation tower
21) Hanging bridges
22) Skytrex Flying Fox
23) Paintball
24) Visit and walk on top of a dam

The Four Seasons House will change in the following months:

      December to February – Winter

      March to May – Spring

      June to August – Summer

      September to November – Autumn

The display will be closed for a couple of weeks at the end of each season.

Personally I think they should just build three more buildings, and have all four seasons on display all year round.

You need to pay RM3 per adult, RM1 per child (under 12 years)

p/s: The * was marked earlier just for Climate House - I aimed for that = WINTER!!

This new addition to the park allows you to fly up to 22 metres above the ground if you’re not afraid of heights.

There are 3 courses available:

1) Little Adventure for beginners and kids

2) Extreme Challenge

3) Big Thrill, the feature attraction

You need to book weeks in advance because it is very popular.

Visit Whoa Adventures for bookings, course descriptions, safety information and discounts.

Here are some tips to make your visit more enjoyable:

- Set expectations. The park is huge, and there will be a lot of walking.

- Bring mosquito repellant, wear long pants and long sleeves

- You can always purchase drinks at the shops in the park, but you may want to bring your own food if you are not flexible with what you can eat

- The ground can be slippery with mud or moss, so wear shoes with good grip

Taman Pertanian Malaysia
Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam,
40000 Shah Alam,
Selangor, Malaysia.

Tel : (603) – 5510 6922 / 6923
Fax: (603) – 5510 0922

p/s: Let's go.. :)

~ enthusiasm ~

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