Monday, January 25, 2010

~ Maybe...

Shocked... T_T
A friend has gone forever..
Allayarham Tengku Muhammad Onn Tengku Adnan..

I remember..First time knowing him..He likes to smile..And always smile..PEERS sets up everything..At matric..He was so busy..Whenever we got meeting, he was unable to join..Kak Za selalu kata "Onn ni malam ni dia 'off' plak"..Many...sweet memories...

But now he's already gone..Kak Za..Onn betul2 'off'...Allah bagi dia rehat...Sampai masa kita nanti..

I remembered..I got a dream last night till I feel so afraid to sleep again (anymore)..There were many high buildings..Different types..I was in an education institution one..Suddenly from a very high place like that, I saw a big bah (banjir) with chocalatey clay..It wrapped up everything..I saw the buildings going down bit by bit..I saw innocent people in there who are helpless..I heard their scream..

I feel so scared..I wanna cry..I went to call my family..They're all safe..I tried my best to get away from there as soon as possible..How selfish I am..I'm so scared..But soon I reach to the not so called bottom (half way), the water still there..It won't go down..I'm scared again....I'm alone...I cried...

- get up -
0530..So scared..I sent him a message 'get up'..I can't sleep after that...Just take a look at ma'thurat..

~ then calm ~

Maybe that's a sign...Or warning...Or....losing somebody I know...I don't know..All I know is I feel so scared...Never remember a dream, not even once...this time, I do..

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