Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Never too late... :)

Never too late to start new.. :)
It doesn't mean
New year brings new things..

New year to me..
Is to give new breath..
To unfinished
To unaccomplished
To unsatisfied
To incomplete
To all 'un-', 'in-', 'im-', and 'non-' things..

New life begins..
When I passed each..

To make something beautiful..
Is hard..
But I can't keep saying it's difficult..
Just let it be in mouth..
But heart says otherwise..
Of course mind has to be strong enough..
My 'aql..
Towards my God..

Be thankful to problems..
To all problematics..
Without you..
How can I be strong?
How can I say this is me?

Be thankful to time..
To experiences..
To pasts and presents..
Without you..
I don't know how to 'approach'..
Dealing with such and such situation..

Be thankful to roomies,
To buddies..
To bystanders..
To strangers..
Without you..
I might stand at the corner, just watching..

All and all...
This is never too late for me..
To say "I'm here"..
Looking at you..
Approaching you..
Be together with you..

To say "I'm here"..
Fixing myself..
Just for my own sake as well as others..

I need all strength..
To make all these dreams come true..

It's never too late..
Before I close my eyes

~ I am the one to start ~

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