Tuesday, January 26, 2010

~ Replaced? ~

It's not that easy..But I'm glad that I can make it.. :) So many times I thought that I'm not gonna make it..But as time passes, I begin to know myself better..

I sat in front of the mirror..almost all the time..I see myself smiling at me..I see myself crying, oohhh that's the ugliest one I've ever seen..-hissss, burok bt0l-

I think I'm strong, but I'm not actually..I think I'm smart, but I'm not actually..I think I'm kind enough, but I'm not actually..hmmm...I think I'm right, but it is otherwise..-duh-

Being alone is not my choice..Sometimes it ends up that way..Am I too fragile? I don't think so..He had left me..Long time ago..And I've experienced everything..-alamak, riak lah pulak..~astaghfirullahal 'azim~

Hmm..I think my friend is right.."What matters to me?" and he answered "Nothing"..True to certain extent..hmm..No comment..And now I'm asking myself.."What matters to me?"..-think-

So far so good..I can replace everything with what it supposed to be..Put everything in the right place..Just ignore the negative ones, and proceed with own inclination..What I think best, usually the best (for me..others, allahualam..)..But if it ends up astray...(just try my best not to complain)..-zip-

Most important, I can breathe again..Pain? Just a bit, insyaAllah, everything will be okay..Sorrow? Just a bit, insyaAllah, He will never let me down..Loneliness? Just a bit, insyaAllah, someday he will come..Dreams? Just lately I don't understand some..InsyaAllah, I believe there will be hikmah and there are answers for all..

If I can say thanks, firstly it would be towards Allah the Almighty..Secondly, it would be towards my parents and siblings..Thirdly, it would be towards you..Others would be next..

Hmm..No more.. :) Let it began with happiness, let it be always in happiness..End? -tak fikir lagi- But just be ready..

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