Friday, January 29, 2010

When tears never stop falling down... ~

They don't understand..Please forgive them..
They don't know how much I keep this for a long time..Please forgive them..
They don't search the reason..Please forgive them..
They don't ask for knowing..Please frogive them..
They don't.....

How am I going to live like this..?

My stories..My tears..My heart..My dreams..My everything....they don't know what I've gone through all this while..Like I said, nothing's easy for me..

Silence does not mean give up..Rather than it means respect..Silence means give others an opportunity to get what they supposed to get from others - attention, support, care, everything they wish for...I don't ask for it as others need more than I do..

Fragile..When everything becomes a joke..cynical words overlapping..What's worth of having a story that nobody wants to hear it? What's worth of crying? What's worth of having shoulders that share nothing alike?

A glance..That white dress..I bought for me..with a hope that no burden on anybody for my day someday..Still, joke...-down- I wash it, and it is still white...Even whiter than before..

And, this makes me believe that my tears today is for my happiness tomorrow..

~ insyaAllah ~

p/s: I've to do something before it's too late..Seek the sacrific'er'..

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