Friday, September 17, 2010

Deep here to your heart..~

You should've known that I'm just like other women,
At first, I think I can handle it..
Soon, it becomes tougher..
That put me deep down at the bottom..

I guess you know what happened..
Please don't feel so offended..
and I think you did the right thing..

Silence is the best way..
I thought I was alone..
but you're here with me, always..
I'm sorry that I didn't notice you all this while..

I thought I would never need somebody here..

Avoid from expecting more...
I learnt to accept whatever it is..
Time will be the reference..

I remembered that question..
I know I've made you waiting so long..
But if you do really know what disturbs me a lot is that,
am I able to care for you..?

What a fake smile,
What a fake statements,
What a fake things,
I've made to others..
-like nothing happened-

And therefore, I would like to address thousands thanks to you,
for the sharing and reminding me about Him..
Honestly, this is the best cure..

"patiently, then persevere: for e promise of Allah is true: and ask forgiveness for your fault, and celebrate e praises of your Lord in e evening and in e morning" (ghafir : 55)
- ..... (16 Sept 2010/ 06:44)-

Thank you...

~ Did I answer you? ~

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