Friday, October 29, 2010


I guess I'm so lonely..But so far I think I'm okay..As long as my mind say so, I'll be like what it expects to be..What a powerful mind I have.. :P Which one is greater than the other? I think, both mind and heart, mutual need produces mutual strength..-huh, ye ke??-

I think I'm so lonely, but I'm totally wrong..Yes? No?-huh, pening...pening...- 

Again, He shows me His power and promise..I might lost over 1, but He gives me more than 1..Specifically, I might lost 1 person, but He gives me friends who're always here for me..I don't ask for that, but here they come..And again, I'm happy.. :)

Thank you...Can I say the names? Wan Hazimah Wan Ibrahim, Muhammad Farhan Aminuddin, Muhammad Dhamiri Darmawi, Syed Kamil Syed Md Naseer, Syafawati Najla, Muhammad Zaim Zainuddin, Mohd Asrey Ismail, Eddy Collin a/k Conor, Wan Suria Salha, Siti Nisa, Kamsiah Ahmad, Izyan, 'Athif, Aimi, Hazeeha Ibrahim, abang Zaki, Nurul Faatihah Sulaiman...........etc.....many.....thousand thanks to you, dearies...
I do sometimes cry in the middle of the night...Reading own diary, writing something new on it..hurm...But it's okay..I'll be fine..

....coz tomorrow will always be the best day..ever...

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