Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Everyday is a Special Day..~

~ listening to Sarang Heyo Ji Dui Ni Shuo - JJ Lin...

Honestly, birthday is just like other days..Not so special, not so nothing..In between.. :) And I'm happy for everything happened days before..

Important update:
I think I've found somebody to write on my diary.. :) But, either I'm the one to write ((editor)) or she will do it, not sure yet..But she did give me this..Aksara Keraian..visit the blog and I'll get to know about it..
-just can't wait-

Thanks to my family and friends who wish me a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"!! :) There's someone who really don't know about my birthday, but she's the one with me all day long..She spilled out everything, so do I..Tenkiu, Wan Hazimah Wan  Ibrahim..I love that quality time we spent..

- let's continue with this lovely hobby, drawing, jom? -

~ teringat Ummu pernah kata, "bersyukur dengan apa yang kita ada" :) ~

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