Monday, October 18, 2010

When only the best will do..~ (3)

There is such a person still living..
Who sacrifices all his times giving lecture..
At the age of that, I guess, he should spend his times, rest..
But I think, he never think of that..

What makes me feel good is when,
he shared something that I really look for..
Forgiveness is one thing..
Another thing is that..ya..the best cure..

When there is/are individual(s) share the same in common..
You'll get the chemistry..
So, get along together and feel the comfort..

"Say: "Praise to be God, who begets no son, and has no partner in (His) dominion: Nor (needs) He any to protect Him from humiliation: yea, magnify Him for His greatness and glory!" [Surah Al-Isra': 111]

- well, check it out -

"My friends who have low blood pressure, they eat camel meat.."
- meat..?? ((susu unta pun tak pernah minum, inikan pula makan dagingnya)) Bite my own finger..-fake smile- ahaa...

"But their's is somewhere else, here in Malaysia, I think it's hard to find camel, right? So eat beef.."

"Eat egg, eat beef, but of course ask the doctor first..Don't based on me much..This is just my suggestion.."
- wish to eat kerang.. :'( enriched naturally with iron..((kata ibu)) -

Lot of thanx to you, Sir..I really appreciate it..- credited to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Syed Sohail Imam..-

~ Enjoying therapeutic flower essence ~

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