Thursday, October 21, 2010

Time to leave..~

I guess it's time..Packing everything to be brought along..I've seen so many..I've heard so many..I've known so many..And, yes..It's time to leave..

I guess it's time..Keeping everything with silence..I've talked many..I've done many..I've lost many..And, yes..It's time to leave..

I guess it's time..Put some smile on your face..Go and put some makeup if necessary..As if you're getting divorced and yes, it's time to leave..

I guess it's time..Bring along your broken glass manifestation to your heart..Finding someone who can really fix it for you although you ackonwledge that the scar remains..But somehow, ya, it's time to leave, leave...

I guess it's time..Eliminating thousand beauties..Seeking yourself by tapping at the corner of your pond..Witnessing a sweet couple get together again, enjoying themselves..Looking deeply into it until you'll find well's time to leave..

I guess it's time..Going back or forth, your choice..But still you can't turn back the time for your wish to come true..Don't let the wind takes you somewhere, keep on the ground..What you've to do is get up and just leave..

It's not giving up the breath..It's just for the sake of self and others..

I guess it's time to leave..
With no definite guide, right or wrong..
I might be right back, might be not..

What if I'll never come back..?

~ get engage with time ~

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