Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dear Diary..~ (2)

It's funny..
So many things happened..
And I don't think I feel bored with this..
I keep on reading whenever I feel I want to..
Because I know I'll smile..
for every page I turned over..

As we move on together,
I've shared so many stories with you..
I'm the one who keeps on saying and telling,
and you're the one who keeps on waiting and listening..
We share everything..
And you're my treasure..

I wish I could keep you on with the story..
But it seems to be nothing left..
I don't know whether I should keep you along my way..
But I know...someday, I have to..
It's not because of the sweet memories solely,
you're full of wisdom..

Dear Diary,
I'm not like other emotional ones..
I'm now searching for someone, who can put ours as something..
So that people will know the real thing,
although the actors and the actresses know nothing..

here I am..
Trying to assume that I've just passed through a dreamland..
I'll just walk the way..
Like I saw nothing..
It would be better, hopefully..

Dear Diary,
for the time being,
Do keep best our secrets..
You're more than others..
You're my treasure..

~ someday ~

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