Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Setianya mereka..~ (1)

1) Abdullah Ibn Amr Ibn al-Aass

Here is an interesting story about Abdullah Ibn Amr who said: My father made me marry a woman from the tribe of Quraish; when she entered my room, I did not approach her due to my engagement in worship and prayer. Then my father came to his daughter in law and asked her: How is your husband? She said the best man of the best people. He never approached her bed. She said. Then my father came to me and bit me with his tongue and said: I made you marry a woman from a respectable family, but you neglected her and did this and that. He then went and complained to the Prophet against me. The Prophet asked me to come and when I arrived he said: Do you fast during the day and pray all night? I said: Yes. He said: But I fast and break my fast, pray and sleep at night and marry women. Whoever avoids my way and hates it is not of me.

Abdullah Ibn Amr says: Once the Messenger of God entered my house and said: Is it true that you pray all night and fast your days? I said: Indeed I do this. He said: Suffice it that you fast three days every month, for they will be tenfold in reward, thus as if you fast all your life. I said: But I can fast more and I like that you increase my share. He said: Then five days. I continued to ask him more until he made it one half of my days. The Prophet then said: Your family have a right upon you, your servant, and so do your guests. When Abdullah Ibn Amr became old he used to say: Would that I have listened to the advice of the Messenger of God.

When Abdullah Ibn Amr became an old man, he used to say: O I wish I had accepted the permission given to me by the Messenger of God who also allowed him the same easy permission in fasting despite his insistence to fast more until the Prophet said: Fast a day and break your fast the next day like the fasting of my brother David which is the best fasting in the sight of God. The Prophet forbade perpetual fasting. He also ordered us to sleep part of the night and said: I pray at night and sleep, fast and breadfast, marry women, and eat meat. Whoever does not like my way of life is not of me. It has been proved in several cases that a person will repent if he does not commit himself to the mode of the Prophet's worship.

~ Abdullah Ibn 'Amr was one of the famous muhaddithun, among the Prophet's Companions, the 1st to be trusted to write on the Prophet's sayings..Setianya kepada Baginda Rasulullah s.a.w sehingga mengabaikan yang lainnya, tetapi dibetulkan oleh Nabi s.a.w akan perbuatannya.. ~

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