Thursday, October 7, 2010

When only the best will do..~

A surprise for me..

"Diz mean 2 motivate u dear..b not around but my pray always wit u..keep on walking 2 d 'end'..gud luck.."- MMS from Nurul Faatihah Sulaiman (7 Oct 2010/ 10:44 am)

Shed the tears away..
And I'll be fine..

When only the best will do..
It's not to praise..
Rather to love and respect..
[interpretation from hadith & Surah Al-Hujurat: 10-13 as well]

It's just like yesterday..
I've been hearing your worry..
Who's gonna care for me after you, hm?
It's me..
I will..
None cares me like you do..
-((individual differences)), I bet you'll laugh on hearing this answer-
It's not none, but few..
Lain orang, lain cara kan..

Thank you, Teha..

~ i will ~

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